Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! We heard lots of howling wind throughout the night and woke up to tons of snow. It is blizzard-ish conditions out right now. Lots of 4-5ft snow drifts and visibility comes and goes. It is a beautiful white Christmas!

We got up this morning and I put in the breakfast casserole that I made last night. We opened gifts that my family sent and talked to everyone back home. Dustin is a little mad at me since I asked that we not do Christmas but I still got him stuff. I just didn't want him to go out and waste money when I truly did not want or need anything!! I'm sure he will get over it. Jack Henry got him some Daddy books for Dustin to read to him and the brown babies got him a gift card for coffee..since he goes there almost everyday.

Again, Merry Christmas to all and I hope your day is full of family and great memories as well as lots of fun new stuff from Santa!
I will leave you with pics of what I got Dustin..
A few years ago I got him a shadow box of his Grandfather along with things that were his. He really seemed to love it so this year while I was home I asked his Aunts if they could get me some pictures of him and a few things of his Grandmothers. I was very overwhelmed and surprised at what all they parted with for me to make these boxes for him. EDIT..I had these made. No way I could have done such a great job. They are much prettier in person too!

This is Dustin when he was not even a year old. His Grandmother is holding him and these are the moccasins he has on in the picture.

This one is another one of him and his Grandmother. He was barely a month old and if you look you can see their reflection in the mirror behind them. I just love the way this one turned out with her handkerchief and dainty little watch. The picture is my favorite because it is so faded and old looking.

This is just a collage of Dustin throughout the years. He was so surprised and said that some of the pictures he had never even seen before.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve to all!..also asking for prayers

I hope this day finds you well and getting ready for Christmas tomorrow! I am just so glad to have Dustin home with me and not deployed or having to work here for that matter. Might I add to that that I am thankful he was home last night. I was awakened around 3am with the braxton hicks like contractions. They did not hurt at all. They just made my stomach really tight. I was having way to many and too close together and for too long so I called that Dr. and she said I needed to go to L&D to be checked out. They were so nice and wonderful at the hospital. They hooked me up to the monitor to check my contractions and and Jack Henry's heartbeat. Jack Henry looked great and was even a little mad so he decided to kick the stew out of the monitor the whole time. As for my contractions, I was in fact having them and they were not pleased so I was given a shot to stop them. Luckily all the test they ran on me were fine and I was not dilated either. They sent me home to rest. Please pray that this does not happen again and that we don't see our precious Jack Henry until March..when he is finished cooking!! I am just praying that I can stay calm. I have to admit that when I have that tightening feeling now it worries me a little.

Weather wise we are covered in snow and there is more on the way. They say at least 24 inches. Looks like we will have a true white Christmas!
Merry Christmas Eve!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

29 weeks

This week is 29 weeks. WOW! As each week passes I still can't believe it. This week he is still moving a good bit but I am sure in the next few weeks he will start to slow down because it will get pretty cramped in there. When I went last week the Tech said he still had lots of room and I was still not feeling his every movement. It has happened before but more so all the time this week my Jack Henry has decided he loves to stomp on my bladder..ALL the time. At least once a day he hits it so hard that it makes me yell out in pain. Maybe he will be the kicker for Al in his college least he is getting lots of practice in early.

Dustin is off for vacation starting today. This afternoon he is going to pick up his new Ford truck. His has seen better days and he has been talking about a new one for years now and putting it off. We are going to try and sell his soon but I am glad he is getting one that he can enjoy..its been 10 years and he works so hard and he deserves it! I am proud for him!!

We plan on doing any last minute food shopping and such today because per the weather man we are going to get a really bad winter storm starting tonight. Luckily, we had no travel plans for Christmas so it would be okay for us to be snowed in for a few days. We are really looking forward to a low key Christmas with each other and our chocolate babies. This idea (I NEVER thought I would ever be one of "those" couples) I asked Dustin if we could just not do Christmas with each other. What he wanted I dispersed to family members that wanted a list so I know what little he did want is covered. My Dad and Susie mailed our gifts from them so we do have some things under the tree. I just didn't want to go to all the hassle of getting each other things that we did not need or really want just for the sake of getting something. If we want something we normally just go out and get it. Since I am pregnant it limits clothes etc. so really and truly there is absolutely nothing that I need or want. Just having him home and cooking is fine for me. Speaking of food..I did a lot of cooking last night. I have 2 homemade chicken and cornbread dressing pans in the freezer and one in the fridge along with a holiday poke cake. You know, one layer is red and one is green and frosted with cool whip and flavored with jello..YUM! It makes me think of Christmas bc my Mother almost always made one and it is so good and served cold.

Our Christmas Eve plans are up in the air for now due to weather. We were planning on going to our service at church but we will have to wait and see. I do plan on making some sausage balls that night along with breaking out the sparkling grape juice that we always have on holidays, It has been tempting us in the fridge for weeks now. Lesa and family sent us a ham(should come today) so we will be warming that up along with a Turkey on the egg that Dustin is excited to cook. We still can't decide what else if anything to cook to go along with everything so for now it looks like meat and dressing which is fine with me!

I pray that everyone has a happy and safe Christmas and gets everything they wished for and more!
Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shopping crazy!

On Friday Dustin and I made a trip to Minneapolis to get away and do a little shopping for Jack Henry. We were armed with a list of great baby boutiques with the plan that we would go and "test dive" a few strollers and get a first hand look at things that I have had my eye on online but have not seen in person. I told Dustin MANY times..we are NOT buying a stroller. We are just going to look. Well, I am here to say that a stroller was purchased for Jack Henry this weekend. When we got to the store they had really great stroller and all sorts of other things but we test drove some since that was top on our list. They showed us many we requested and of course a few we had never even heard of. It is so funny to think of but there really is a HUGE difference in strollers. We sort of "fell" for one but decided to go eat since it was getting late and check out the same store but the at the larger location the next day. We went home that night and Dustin researched everything so we were armed with more knowledge on Sat. We ended up falling in love with the Teutonia stroller(pics to come soon). It is made in Germany and like Vince, the Sham Wow guys says "You know the Germans make great stuff". Well, I am here to tell you that for us that proved true. Dustin was more in love with it then I was. He was sold! He was like a kid in a candy store and whether he will admit it or not really enjoyed our baby shopping trip. I actually had to somewhat hold him back b/c he wanted to get everything. I have to say though that I am most excited about the stroller because it even comes with hand-muffs for us that snap on the handle. They truly thought of and included everything for cold weather. It even comes with the bundlers for the infants and then a larger one for when he gets older. We also went with the bassinet for it so he we can wheel him around wherever we are. That will take place of us getting a cradle or another bassinet. My friends with babies have told me that it is handy to have the baby portable and able to wheel around and hopefully this will hold true for us too.

We also decided on JH's high chair. We have decided to go with the Stokke Tripp Trap since he will have it forever and it looks like furniture and will blend in with our furniture. We even got the after market tray for it since it does not come with one. The Stokke is designed to be table height so baby learns table manners early and so on. I know we may be jumping the gun on things that he won't need until months after he arrives but from the highchair down to jumping toys..Dustin is determined to have everything ready to go so I will not have to worry with anything since he will be leaving so soon after JH gets here. I am very thankful that he is thinking ahead because I know I will have my hands full with a baby all by myself.

We have still not had any luck with bedding for his nursery but at least we are well on our way with the other things. I am discouraged but I am not giving up! Heck, he may be sleeping on a sheet when he gets here if I don;t figure something out but I am sure he will not care. The nursery is more for Mom and Dad and anyways. As long as he has what he needs and is healthy that is all I really care about. I trust that the other things will fall into place.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7 Months!

Well today I am 7 months! WOW!! I just cannot believe it! It all is flying by but I am starting to think about all we need to do and organize and all that we don't have yet. I know things will come together soon though! I think I will feel so much better once I decide on his bedding. Then hopefully it will all fall into place. I am hope our trip to Minneapolis is a productive one! I pray I can find some bedding over there.
Tuesday already and boy has it been a busy week! I just finished my 3rd Annual cookie exchange. It was a lot of fun and I have so many cookies and treats to show for it! It was great to have everyone over and visit. I was a little overwhelmed with it all this year though. It was hard doing everything with a busy schedule and Dustin just getting home..AND being 7 months pregnant but I did manage to pull it off. It may not have been as nice as last year but I think it all turned out great! I could not have done it without my friends who helped set up and clean up! It was nice to get off of my feet finally.
This morning I went and had my glucose test and I pray that it all turns out okay and that I do not have gestational diabetes. I will know something on Thurs. I pray everything is okay.
Yesterday was my 28 week check up and all went well. I got my shot for being RH negative. I just love my Dr. She is so laid back. I am so glad that I stayed with her! She will also be Jack Henry's Dr. which is great! Yesterday we got a nice little treat..we got to see Jack Henry! Our ultrasound tech was able to fit us in so Dustin could see JH and have our 4D sonogram. I think Dustin enjoyed it but I don;t think it has really hit him yet but he was all smiles as we watched him on the screen.
I think they all look about the same on sonograms but there have been more than 3 people say that he looks like Dustin. LOL
I will leave y'all with a few pics from yesterday..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daddy's Home!!!

Dustin is safe and sound and back at home where he belongs. Thank goodness he had a smooth but long trip with no delays. He got in close to noon and we hit the ground running. We went to lunch and had lots of errands to do. We ended up going to a little pub for dinner too because I ran out of time to cook. He and I were both very tired(his long trip was catching up with him and I had ben up since 4). He got to talk to Jack Henry a lot and even felt a little movement. Around 3am-ish I woke him up and he really got to feel him move and kick! JH likes to kick both sides at the same time in the mornings so Dustin got to feel him being a wild man for a little while so that was great!
We plan on having a relaxed weekend. I am sure we will get out today and shop a little and just ride around and see what we can get into. Tonight we will be parked in his "man room" to watch Mark Ingram make history and receive the 1st Heisman trophy for Bama. Tomorrow I am looking forward to taking Dustin to church. He has never been to our church before because he works on Sundays or is either deployed. I have a wonderful church family but I am sure they wonder if I am really married since he has never gone. Plus I know they will love to meet Dustin and see who they have been faithfully praying for. I am sure we will do lunch afterwards but then he will have to rest because work starts back for him tomorrow.
Thank you all for your prayers while he has been gone and traveling. It is so wonderful to have him we will start preparing for Jack Henry's arrival! March will be here before we can blink!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home at last!

This will be short and sweet but I am home. I got in this afternoon. All the snow made me nervous that I would be delayed or even postponed a day but I made it home as scheduled. I walked in the door and ALL the smoke alarms were going off. The batteries were low so I had to get a stool and climb up and disconnect them. Very annoying..and loud!! Then I was starting to get really hungry and since I had no food in the house I decided to run and get something..well, that plan was put on hold since both cars would not start!! Oh what a day. Other than that it was a nice but long trip. I am very glad to be home but there were tons of boxes and more are on the way! I have lots of cleaning, unpacking and organizing to do!! I am up to my ears in baby stuff but it is fun. I can't wait until Dustin comes home so he can help and we can go rebuy a few things I was unable to ship.
Continue to pray for Dustin. He was checking in to wait on his flight last I heard. He has a really long trip ahead of him. I just pray for safe travels.
Check back tomorrow for more trip highlights. I was so happy to find out that there are a few people that read my blog! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shower Weekend

Wow! What a weekend! I had such a wonderful weekend. I had two beautiful and amazing showers. It was so wonderful to see so many people I had not seen in a very long time. It was very overwhelming that it was all because I am pregnant and Jack Henry will soon be here. He received so many beautiful things! I can't wait to get them home and go through them with Dustin.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Brandy, Susie and Brooklynn for such a nice shower on Saturday. It was fun to visit with family and friends and have a very relaxing and laid back day! The cake and decor were beautiful and perfect for us. It was all so very sweet. I also have to thank KC, Lesa, Aunt Debra, Aunt Jerrie and Aunt Shelby for hosting such a beautiful party on Sunday too. I can't say enough about how special it was and how beautiful everything was! It was also so fun to see everyone and visit at Classic. Jack Henry was showered once again with love and gifts. All I can say is what a spoiled boy he already is! Thank you to everyone that came and showered us with so much love and so many blessings.

Pictures are coming soon. It will be a little while on the pics from Sun. but I should have a few from Saturday very soon.

I am sad that my 2 best friends are going back home today. I have enjoyed my short time with them and will miss them very much! I am so very blessed and lucky to have them in my life! Jack Henry is already so very spoiled by his God Mothers!

On a non baby note I can report that Dustin is so thrilled about the game on Saturday! He called me shortly after the game and was the most chipper and happy that he has been in a very long time. He also was thrilled that his replacement arrived that day too. Daddy Dustin will be on his way home very soon. Please pray for his safety while traveling. We are very excited to soon get him home safely!

Sadly, I leave tomorrow to go back home to Fargo. I have had such a busy and fun trip! It will be good to be home though. I am sure there is so much to do once I get home since I have been gone for so long! I also have lots to do to prepare for Dustin coming home.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Week 26..In Bama!

Sorry for the lack of posts. None of my family has wireless so I have been unable to get on my computer and I have had trouble logging into this from theirs, I am at a hotel now so I will quickly catch y'all up on my week.

Before I start on my Bama updates let me update you on us...just in the last few days he has become quite the little wiggle worm. He has started to kick organs and boy let me tell you how fun and how great that feels! It has been so wild at times that I actually double over and let out a few grunts in pain. HA! It's just good to know he is in there but I guess I need to have a talk with him that he needs to calm down in there. We still have a ways to go so he needs to take it easy on me..yeah right;)

I got here last Friday. I flew into ATL and we went to eat with and visit my Grandmother. We also did some clothes shopping for Jack Henry. It was fun to shop with my Mother and Grandmother. He got a lot of really cute things! He also got some really cute smocked stuff for when he is a little older. I am sure the people in Fargo will wonder what I was thinking when they see his "southern" clothes!

The weekend was fun. I did a lot of catching up and quick visits with family and friends..and a lot of eating too. I am happily well on my way to crossing off many of the places that were on my list to eat at while on my visit. A fun highlight on Sat. was a quick visit with Mother and Wayne's friend Ray. He is such a sweet guy. He gave me a sweet card and generous gift for Jack Henry. It just amazes me at the support we have and how sweet people are being to or little one on the way! I know that we have lots and lots we need to get for him so anything is so much appreciated!
This week I have had many family dinners with Dustin's family and mine. I have really enjoyed home cooking too. YUM! I have also gone on a few shopping trips with his Aunt Debra as well as we saw The Blind Side. We both really enjoyed the movie. It is definitely a must see!

Yesterday Mother and Wayne took me to the airport in Bham to get Lesa. Once she was settled and we had rented our car we all went shopping in downtown Homewood before they closed and then headed to the Summit. We did a little shopping and then had a wonderful mean at Flemmings. I don't think I have had a steak since I have been pregnant and it was all so good! Mother and Wayne headed back once the mall closed but Lesa and I stayed in Homewood and plan on doing a little more shopping..and eating before we head to Anniston.

Tomorrow kicks off my weekend of Al. showers. I am having one in the morning at my Dad's and then on Sun. I am having one as well downtown at Classic. KC will come in on Sun. morning! (she is going to the SEC game tomorrow!..lucky girl) KC and Lesa are hosting the one on Sun. for me. I am looking forward to both showers. It will be so great to catch up and visit with everyone. It has been so long since I have seen everyone.

I will update and try to post pics after the showers tomorrow and Sun. I do have one quick request though.. Please pray that Dustin has safe travels home. I worry about him all the time but it's especially worrisome whenever he travels to or from over there so please be sure to keep him in your prayers. He is supposed to be home next week! We can't wait!