Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! We heard lots of howling wind throughout the night and woke up to tons of snow. It is blizzard-ish conditions out right now. Lots of 4-5ft snow drifts and visibility comes and goes. It is a beautiful white Christmas!

We got up this morning and I put in the breakfast casserole that I made last night. We opened gifts that my family sent and talked to everyone back home. Dustin is a little mad at me since I asked that we not do Christmas but I still got him stuff. I just didn't want him to go out and waste money when I truly did not want or need anything!! I'm sure he will get over it. Jack Henry got him some Daddy books for Dustin to read to him and the brown babies got him a gift card for coffee..since he goes there almost everyday.

Again, Merry Christmas to all and I hope your day is full of family and great memories as well as lots of fun new stuff from Santa!
I will leave you with pics of what I got Dustin..
A few years ago I got him a shadow box of his Grandfather along with things that were his. He really seemed to love it so this year while I was home I asked his Aunts if they could get me some pictures of him and a few things of his Grandmothers. I was very overwhelmed and surprised at what all they parted with for me to make these boxes for him. EDIT..I had these made. No way I could have done such a great job. They are much prettier in person too!

This is Dustin when he was not even a year old. His Grandmother is holding him and these are the moccasins he has on in the picture.

This one is another one of him and his Grandmother. He was barely a month old and if you look you can see their reflection in the mirror behind them. I just love the way this one turned out with her handkerchief and dainty little watch. The picture is my favorite because it is so faded and old looking.

This is just a collage of Dustin throughout the years. He was so surprised and said that some of the pictures he had never even seen before.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve to all!..also asking for prayers

I hope this day finds you well and getting ready for Christmas tomorrow! I am just so glad to have Dustin home with me and not deployed or having to work here for that matter. Might I add to that that I am thankful he was home last night. I was awakened around 3am with the braxton hicks like contractions. They did not hurt at all. They just made my stomach really tight. I was having way to many and too close together and for too long so I called that Dr. and she said I needed to go to L&D to be checked out. They were so nice and wonderful at the hospital. They hooked me up to the monitor to check my contractions and and Jack Henry's heartbeat. Jack Henry looked great and was even a little mad so he decided to kick the stew out of the monitor the whole time. As for my contractions, I was in fact having them and they were not pleased so I was given a shot to stop them. Luckily all the test they ran on me were fine and I was not dilated either. They sent me home to rest. Please pray that this does not happen again and that we don't see our precious Jack Henry until March..when he is finished cooking!! I am just praying that I can stay calm. I have to admit that when I have that tightening feeling now it worries me a little.

Weather wise we are covered in snow and there is more on the way. They say at least 24 inches. Looks like we will have a true white Christmas!
Merry Christmas Eve!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

29 weeks

This week is 29 weeks. WOW! As each week passes I still can't believe it. This week he is still moving a good bit but I am sure in the next few weeks he will start to slow down because it will get pretty cramped in there. When I went last week the Tech said he still had lots of room and I was still not feeling his every movement. It has happened before but more so all the time this week my Jack Henry has decided he loves to stomp on my bladder..ALL the time. At least once a day he hits it so hard that it makes me yell out in pain. Maybe he will be the kicker for Al in his college least he is getting lots of practice in early.

Dustin is off for vacation starting today. This afternoon he is going to pick up his new Ford truck. His has seen better days and he has been talking about a new one for years now and putting it off. We are going to try and sell his soon but I am glad he is getting one that he can enjoy..its been 10 years and he works so hard and he deserves it! I am proud for him!!

We plan on doing any last minute food shopping and such today because per the weather man we are going to get a really bad winter storm starting tonight. Luckily, we had no travel plans for Christmas so it would be okay for us to be snowed in for a few days. We are really looking forward to a low key Christmas with each other and our chocolate babies. This idea (I NEVER thought I would ever be one of "those" couples) I asked Dustin if we could just not do Christmas with each other. What he wanted I dispersed to family members that wanted a list so I know what little he did want is covered. My Dad and Susie mailed our gifts from them so we do have some things under the tree. I just didn't want to go to all the hassle of getting each other things that we did not need or really want just for the sake of getting something. If we want something we normally just go out and get it. Since I am pregnant it limits clothes etc. so really and truly there is absolutely nothing that I need or want. Just having him home and cooking is fine for me. Speaking of food..I did a lot of cooking last night. I have 2 homemade chicken and cornbread dressing pans in the freezer and one in the fridge along with a holiday poke cake. You know, one layer is red and one is green and frosted with cool whip and flavored with jello..YUM! It makes me think of Christmas bc my Mother almost always made one and it is so good and served cold.

Our Christmas Eve plans are up in the air for now due to weather. We were planning on going to our service at church but we will have to wait and see. I do plan on making some sausage balls that night along with breaking out the sparkling grape juice that we always have on holidays, It has been tempting us in the fridge for weeks now. Lesa and family sent us a ham(should come today) so we will be warming that up along with a Turkey on the egg that Dustin is excited to cook. We still can't decide what else if anything to cook to go along with everything so for now it looks like meat and dressing which is fine with me!

I pray that everyone has a happy and safe Christmas and gets everything they wished for and more!
Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shopping crazy!

On Friday Dustin and I made a trip to Minneapolis to get away and do a little shopping for Jack Henry. We were armed with a list of great baby boutiques with the plan that we would go and "test dive" a few strollers and get a first hand look at things that I have had my eye on online but have not seen in person. I told Dustin MANY times..we are NOT buying a stroller. We are just going to look. Well, I am here to say that a stroller was purchased for Jack Henry this weekend. When we got to the store they had really great stroller and all sorts of other things but we test drove some since that was top on our list. They showed us many we requested and of course a few we had never even heard of. It is so funny to think of but there really is a HUGE difference in strollers. We sort of "fell" for one but decided to go eat since it was getting late and check out the same store but the at the larger location the next day. We went home that night and Dustin researched everything so we were armed with more knowledge on Sat. We ended up falling in love with the Teutonia stroller(pics to come soon). It is made in Germany and like Vince, the Sham Wow guys says "You know the Germans make great stuff". Well, I am here to tell you that for us that proved true. Dustin was more in love with it then I was. He was sold! He was like a kid in a candy store and whether he will admit it or not really enjoyed our baby shopping trip. I actually had to somewhat hold him back b/c he wanted to get everything. I have to say though that I am most excited about the stroller because it even comes with hand-muffs for us that snap on the handle. They truly thought of and included everything for cold weather. It even comes with the bundlers for the infants and then a larger one for when he gets older. We also went with the bassinet for it so he we can wheel him around wherever we are. That will take place of us getting a cradle or another bassinet. My friends with babies have told me that it is handy to have the baby portable and able to wheel around and hopefully this will hold true for us too.

We also decided on JH's high chair. We have decided to go with the Stokke Tripp Trap since he will have it forever and it looks like furniture and will blend in with our furniture. We even got the after market tray for it since it does not come with one. The Stokke is designed to be table height so baby learns table manners early and so on. I know we may be jumping the gun on things that he won't need until months after he arrives but from the highchair down to jumping toys..Dustin is determined to have everything ready to go so I will not have to worry with anything since he will be leaving so soon after JH gets here. I am very thankful that he is thinking ahead because I know I will have my hands full with a baby all by myself.

We have still not had any luck with bedding for his nursery but at least we are well on our way with the other things. I am discouraged but I am not giving up! Heck, he may be sleeping on a sheet when he gets here if I don;t figure something out but I am sure he will not care. The nursery is more for Mom and Dad and anyways. As long as he has what he needs and is healthy that is all I really care about. I trust that the other things will fall into place.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7 Months!

Well today I am 7 months! WOW!! I just cannot believe it! It all is flying by but I am starting to think about all we need to do and organize and all that we don't have yet. I know things will come together soon though! I think I will feel so much better once I decide on his bedding. Then hopefully it will all fall into place. I am hope our trip to Minneapolis is a productive one! I pray I can find some bedding over there.
Tuesday already and boy has it been a busy week! I just finished my 3rd Annual cookie exchange. It was a lot of fun and I have so many cookies and treats to show for it! It was great to have everyone over and visit. I was a little overwhelmed with it all this year though. It was hard doing everything with a busy schedule and Dustin just getting home..AND being 7 months pregnant but I did manage to pull it off. It may not have been as nice as last year but I think it all turned out great! I could not have done it without my friends who helped set up and clean up! It was nice to get off of my feet finally.
This morning I went and had my glucose test and I pray that it all turns out okay and that I do not have gestational diabetes. I will know something on Thurs. I pray everything is okay.
Yesterday was my 28 week check up and all went well. I got my shot for being RH negative. I just love my Dr. She is so laid back. I am so glad that I stayed with her! She will also be Jack Henry's Dr. which is great! Yesterday we got a nice little treat..we got to see Jack Henry! Our ultrasound tech was able to fit us in so Dustin could see JH and have our 4D sonogram. I think Dustin enjoyed it but I don;t think it has really hit him yet but he was all smiles as we watched him on the screen.
I think they all look about the same on sonograms but there have been more than 3 people say that he looks like Dustin. LOL
I will leave y'all with a few pics from yesterday..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daddy's Home!!!

Dustin is safe and sound and back at home where he belongs. Thank goodness he had a smooth but long trip with no delays. He got in close to noon and we hit the ground running. We went to lunch and had lots of errands to do. We ended up going to a little pub for dinner too because I ran out of time to cook. He and I were both very tired(his long trip was catching up with him and I had ben up since 4). He got to talk to Jack Henry a lot and even felt a little movement. Around 3am-ish I woke him up and he really got to feel him move and kick! JH likes to kick both sides at the same time in the mornings so Dustin got to feel him being a wild man for a little while so that was great!
We plan on having a relaxed weekend. I am sure we will get out today and shop a little and just ride around and see what we can get into. Tonight we will be parked in his "man room" to watch Mark Ingram make history and receive the 1st Heisman trophy for Bama. Tomorrow I am looking forward to taking Dustin to church. He has never been to our church before because he works on Sundays or is either deployed. I have a wonderful church family but I am sure they wonder if I am really married since he has never gone. Plus I know they will love to meet Dustin and see who they have been faithfully praying for. I am sure we will do lunch afterwards but then he will have to rest because work starts back for him tomorrow.
Thank you all for your prayers while he has been gone and traveling. It is so wonderful to have him we will start preparing for Jack Henry's arrival! March will be here before we can blink!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home at last!

This will be short and sweet but I am home. I got in this afternoon. All the snow made me nervous that I would be delayed or even postponed a day but I made it home as scheduled. I walked in the door and ALL the smoke alarms were going off. The batteries were low so I had to get a stool and climb up and disconnect them. Very annoying..and loud!! Then I was starting to get really hungry and since I had no food in the house I decided to run and get something..well, that plan was put on hold since both cars would not start!! Oh what a day. Other than that it was a nice but long trip. I am very glad to be home but there were tons of boxes and more are on the way! I have lots of cleaning, unpacking and organizing to do!! I am up to my ears in baby stuff but it is fun. I can't wait until Dustin comes home so he can help and we can go rebuy a few things I was unable to ship.
Continue to pray for Dustin. He was checking in to wait on his flight last I heard. He has a really long trip ahead of him. I just pray for safe travels.
Check back tomorrow for more trip highlights. I was so happy to find out that there are a few people that read my blog! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shower Weekend

Wow! What a weekend! I had such a wonderful weekend. I had two beautiful and amazing showers. It was so wonderful to see so many people I had not seen in a very long time. It was very overwhelming that it was all because I am pregnant and Jack Henry will soon be here. He received so many beautiful things! I can't wait to get them home and go through them with Dustin.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Brandy, Susie and Brooklynn for such a nice shower on Saturday. It was fun to visit with family and friends and have a very relaxing and laid back day! The cake and decor were beautiful and perfect for us. It was all so very sweet. I also have to thank KC, Lesa, Aunt Debra, Aunt Jerrie and Aunt Shelby for hosting such a beautiful party on Sunday too. I can't say enough about how special it was and how beautiful everything was! It was also so fun to see everyone and visit at Classic. Jack Henry was showered once again with love and gifts. All I can say is what a spoiled boy he already is! Thank you to everyone that came and showered us with so much love and so many blessings.

Pictures are coming soon. It will be a little while on the pics from Sun. but I should have a few from Saturday very soon.

I am sad that my 2 best friends are going back home today. I have enjoyed my short time with them and will miss them very much! I am so very blessed and lucky to have them in my life! Jack Henry is already so very spoiled by his God Mothers!

On a non baby note I can report that Dustin is so thrilled about the game on Saturday! He called me shortly after the game and was the most chipper and happy that he has been in a very long time. He also was thrilled that his replacement arrived that day too. Daddy Dustin will be on his way home very soon. Please pray for his safety while traveling. We are very excited to soon get him home safely!

Sadly, I leave tomorrow to go back home to Fargo. I have had such a busy and fun trip! It will be good to be home though. I am sure there is so much to do once I get home since I have been gone for so long! I also have lots to do to prepare for Dustin coming home.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Week 26..In Bama!

Sorry for the lack of posts. None of my family has wireless so I have been unable to get on my computer and I have had trouble logging into this from theirs, I am at a hotel now so I will quickly catch y'all up on my week.

Before I start on my Bama updates let me update you on us...just in the last few days he has become quite the little wiggle worm. He has started to kick organs and boy let me tell you how fun and how great that feels! It has been so wild at times that I actually double over and let out a few grunts in pain. HA! It's just good to know he is in there but I guess I need to have a talk with him that he needs to calm down in there. We still have a ways to go so he needs to take it easy on me..yeah right;)

I got here last Friday. I flew into ATL and we went to eat with and visit my Grandmother. We also did some clothes shopping for Jack Henry. It was fun to shop with my Mother and Grandmother. He got a lot of really cute things! He also got some really cute smocked stuff for when he is a little older. I am sure the people in Fargo will wonder what I was thinking when they see his "southern" clothes!

The weekend was fun. I did a lot of catching up and quick visits with family and friends..and a lot of eating too. I am happily well on my way to crossing off many of the places that were on my list to eat at while on my visit. A fun highlight on Sat. was a quick visit with Mother and Wayne's friend Ray. He is such a sweet guy. He gave me a sweet card and generous gift for Jack Henry. It just amazes me at the support we have and how sweet people are being to or little one on the way! I know that we have lots and lots we need to get for him so anything is so much appreciated!
This week I have had many family dinners with Dustin's family and mine. I have really enjoyed home cooking too. YUM! I have also gone on a few shopping trips with his Aunt Debra as well as we saw The Blind Side. We both really enjoyed the movie. It is definitely a must see!

Yesterday Mother and Wayne took me to the airport in Bham to get Lesa. Once she was settled and we had rented our car we all went shopping in downtown Homewood before they closed and then headed to the Summit. We did a little shopping and then had a wonderful mean at Flemmings. I don't think I have had a steak since I have been pregnant and it was all so good! Mother and Wayne headed back once the mall closed but Lesa and I stayed in Homewood and plan on doing a little more shopping..and eating before we head to Anniston.

Tomorrow kicks off my weekend of Al. showers. I am having one in the morning at my Dad's and then on Sun. I am having one as well downtown at Classic. KC will come in on Sun. morning! (she is going to the SEC game tomorrow!..lucky girl) KC and Lesa are hosting the one on Sun. for me. I am looking forward to both showers. It will be so great to catch up and visit with everyone. It has been so long since I have seen everyone.

I will update and try to post pics after the showers tomorrow and Sun. I do have one quick request though.. Please pray that Dustin has safe travels home. I worry about him all the time but it's especially worrisome whenever he travels to or from over there so please be sure to keep him in your prayers. He is supposed to be home next week! We can't wait!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have so many things to be thankful for and I am truly blessed in so many ways! I plan on going to Ami's for lunch and the to the hospital to visit a friend that just had a sweet baby boy. I also have to clean and pack so I have yet another busy day! Early Friday I will be Bama bound! I am excited to eat at Cracker Barrel when I land! Mother and Wayne are coming to get me and then we are going for a quick visit with Mammaw and then we will all go shopping for Jack Henry. I did pick up my compression hose so I pray that they help with swelling and make the pressure of flying a little easier!
Again, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 25

At this point it's hard to keep up with my weeks. I get so confused. This will be yet another busy week for me. I am still trying to finish up Christmas decorating..and pack..and clean..and organize before I leave. Not to mention I have tons of errands and things to do this week as well.

Friday I leave for Alabama. The dogs have a house sitter so all I have to do is clean and leave. I am looking forward to my trip. I just hope I don;t swell more after my flight. It seems to be turning out to be yet another busy, packed trip but it will be fun. My two best friends are coming into town to visit and host one of my showers. My Stepmother and stepsister will also be hosting a small shower while I am home as well. It will be so fun to see everyone and celebrate Jack Henry's upcoming arrival.

While I am home I have a long list of things and places I want to eat that I cannot get here! I really hope I get lots of home cooking too! There are also a few places I want to go and see if I can find JH some smocked outfits or some different "southern" things that they don't have around here. I am bringing an empty suitcase in hopes that I can find a few things.

On the countdown for Dustin to be home! Just a little shy of 3 weeks. I hope it goes by fast since I will be back in Bama. I have a few days back here and then he is supposed to arrive in Fargo! I hope everything goes smoothly and he comes in safe and when expected.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shower 1

I had my first shower last night. It was so beautiful! I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed that it was all for us..and that it's because I am having a baby but it was wonderful. Ami hosted a a beautiful event. No detail went overlooked. It was so me!!! When I drove up, the walkway was lit up with beautiful stands with lights wrapped in fabric that she used inside for decorations as well.(i forgot to get pics) When I walked in everything was dimly lit and just so beautiful. Also, when you walked in there was a table where the guests wrote messages in a book and added their mommy advice and quick dinner recipe. Everyone had a place at the table along with a monogrammed menu card. We had drinks and appetizers to start and then we headed in for dinner. Dinner was wonderful! I really enjoyed having such a fun night with some of my wonderful friends to celebrate Jack Henry's upcoming arrival. I was so amazed at all of the great and useful things that he got. We are well on our way to being stocked and ready for Mr. JH!
Again, I can't thank Ami and everyone that helped her put this night together. I know so much time was spent on this and I truly appreciate everything that was done for us. I also am so thankful for such loving and wonderful friends that made me feel so loved and special.

Here are some pics. They are a little out of order but I think most are self explanatory.

The Invitation Front

The inside

Leanne and I

Shara and I

Kelli and I

Stephanie and I..Steph and I have due dates just 2 days apart! She is having a little girl!

Jill and I

Ami and I..This is the hostess with the Mostest! She is due with Baby Girl Baxter in mid January.

Tracy and I

Karissa and I

Desert! It was soo good!

Megan and I

BreAnn and I

This is the book people signed and add their advice and recipes to. It has his monogram on the front too! So cute! It even have places to add pics.

Monday, November 16, 2009

6 months!!!

Today I had my 6 month appt. Jack Henry seems to be doing well and everything with me checked out okay as well. I cannot believe I am this far into pregnancy..still crazy to think that I am even pregnant!

Last week was a wild one! I had out of town company from Mobile here to help with Jr. Miss. and then our program was yesterday. Our Jr. League Jubilee was on Friday night and was a great success! It was a lot of fun but I was on my feet too long that night. I am starting to swell if I have been on my feet too long so I was prescribed compression hose(fun!) and I have to limited how long I am on my feet at a time and have to rest a lot more. I am feeling fine though..thank goodness!

Jack Henry is on the move. He is moving a little more these days. Mainly when I sit and rest. It is fun to feel him but he only teases me with is not constant. I hope he is moving a little more when Dustin gets home..only a few more weeks now! We are all excited that Dustin will be home soon!

This week is another busy one. I have meeting and lots of errands and visits with friends. I also plan to get some Christmas decorations out and up this week and next. I am going to Bama soon so I want to be done before I leave. The thing I am most excited about this week is that I have a shower on Friday. My sweet friend Ami (she is due soon) is hosting a very small celebration dinner in honor of JH and I. I got the invitation on Saturday and they are so cute! I will have to post them! She handmade them and they were quite fancy. She included the menu for the evening and I have to say that I am looking forward to dinner that night. It will be great to visit with my close Fargo friends and celebrate Jack Henry's upcoming arrival. I will be sure to post pictures! I know it will be a fun night! I can't wait to see what all she has in store for us.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vegas update..

I made it to Vegas and Lesa came and got me Tuesday morning. Sticking with tradition when I visit Lesa..of course I got sick! I got a stomach bug Wednesday night. I also started to get a fever on Thursday but luckily we were able to get it to return to normal. I think I just got dehydrated and that is where the fever came from. I am actually in better hands here if I get sick or hurt than I am at home so no one was really worried. Lesa did call the OB and he said if my fever got to 100. then I had to go to the ER but thanks to lots of prayer, Tylenol and Gatorade I did not have go.

Aside from being sick, I have had a great time visiting with Lesa and the kids. They are growing so much! Charlotte, the baby has given me lots of practice to brush up on my baby skills. What a sweet and big girl she is! Madelyn and Robert are a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing Mom on Wednesday and doing their normal routine with them while Mom was at work. Yesterday we went to a few Trick or Treating events around town and we may hit a few today as well as a little shopping for Lesa and I. Tomorrow I go back to Vegas to stay with Stacy and her family where I think we will be doing a little shopping as well.

While I was sick I started to notice Jack Henry more and more. He really was moving while I was sick but I think it had something to do with me not eating and maybe that made him mad? He tends to get restless when it is time to eat. I can tell that I am really starting to feel him periodically throughout the day. Normally, it is not a lot but it is starting to become a little more frequent. I know that his movements and how often I feel them will become even more frequent in the days and weeks to come.

Dustin is doing well. Still cold and counting down the days til he comes home. He has less than 6wks per his count. He will be here before we know it. I am really concerned about a box that I sent to him that had all of warm clothes in it. He has still yet to get it. It normally doesn't take this long so I am really upset and I know he is really cold! I pray it gets there soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Minute..

Well this week is Week 21 and I am excited to say I will be spending it with my Best Friend (one of JH's Godmothers) and my godchildren! I have not seen Lesa in over a year and I have never met her newest addition, Charlotte. I am packing now and finishing up last minute errands. I have a house/dog sitter and I am ready to go. It will be nice to get away for a few days. I always have a great time with Lesa and family. I just pray this time that I stay well.
Check back for trip pics and updates. I will be posting a lot.
I also super excited that I get to see my good friend Stacy and meet her little boy! What an unexpected but fun trip!
Oh and BTW..the title of this post is "last Minute"..I think booking the trip literally 5 min. ago qualifies for a last minute trip. LOL

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby H. has a name!

Jack Henry Harris. He will be called Jack Henry. Dustin and I really could only agree on this name. I love the ring it has with Harris. It's nice to put a name with the little person who nudges me every now and then.
We have received quite a few gifts these last few days. Jack Henry got some great books from our sweet neighbor and yesterday he was given the cutest Juicy hat and booties from my dear friend Ami and her baby girl to be. They are both soft velour with the Juicy dog imprint on them. Today we got another box from Godmother KC with a few more clothes for me and to my surprise there were 2 beautifully wrapped gifts. I was thrilled when I unwrapped the cutest little brightly colored crochet frog and a sweet little smocked backpack with a fire engine. The smocked backpack made me miss the South! Oh my goodness at the smocked things little Jack Henry will have. You can bet that his new backpack will soon be monogrammed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half way there!!

I am 20 wks! My Dr. appt. turned out okay on Mon. I go back in a month. I am sure I will have a bigger bump by then and maybe he will be moving around more and I can feel him more.
Beau still continues to bring my meds every morning. I think he likes getting praised too.
Dustin is down to 7wks so he will be home so soon! We are so ready!
Not much more to report here as of now. No news is good news in my book. The weather is about the same and I continue to stay busy which is good.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beau Radley

Well most of you know that we have 3 crazy chocolate lab dogs. They are inside dogs. They all drive me completely crazy a lot of the time..some more than others. Beau Radley is my male and he is 6 years old and about 90 pounds or so. He is such a big goof. He is very much a baby and a Momma's boy. He does not leave my side ever..unless of course there is food involved. Beau is quite mischievous and likes to get into things and has been known to jump on counters or take things off of the coffee table. While I could write a book about Beau and the crazy and sweet things he does I wanted to share will y'all his latest thing. One morning a few weeks ago I was standing in front of the fireplace trying to get warm. The dogs were all standing in front of me but Beau was sitting up perfectly still and straight with his back to me. A while later I noticed he had not moved and something was making his jowls pop out so I instantly knew he had been into something. When I investigated further I discovered that he had my prenatal bottle in his mouth. I got it out of his mouth and he got in trouble. Well everyday since then he gets up on my bed side table (without my knowledge) and gets my prenatals and brings them to me. EVERYDAY!! While I take them at night before bed I always pet him and thank him for bringing me my meds. I guess he is just looking out for us. It amazes me that he doesn't chew on teh bottle (normally anything he gets he chews on) but there is not one mark on it..and might I add that there are 2 bottles that I take and he some knows and brings them both to me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

What a day!

It has been a busy day! Dustin is thrilled to say the least. We are both very excited that this baby boy is on the way! Let the monogramming and clothes buying begin.
My ultrasound appointment went great. Baby Harris looked good and on track from what we could tell. That made Momma happy! Not only was the gender reveal a fun surprise but we also got another great surprise. To make a long story short, the lady that has done all 3 ultrasounds told me she wanted to ask me something before we started. I was a little unsure of what was going on at first but she started explaining that we had had a rocky start and she hated that Dustin was gone. She said she hates that he has not seen the baby move and that we should experience this together. She told me that she told her husband(who to our surprise is the owner of the imaging place) about us and our situation so they want us to come in when he gets back and have a 4D charge. I was shocked to say the least. I was so happy and touched. So now we get to see Baby H one more time before the big day in March..and this time we get to do it together. I have always been crazy about the ultrasound tech at this imaging place but this did it even more. We are so truly blessed and lucky.
One prayer request before I go..I had a cyst back a few weeks ago on my ovary that was pressing on a nerve. Well, today I found out that it has gotten bigger. Please pray that it shrinks. We do not want it to rupture or get bigger. I go in for my 20wk appt. on Mon. so I am sure I will know a little more then.

It's a...

BOY!!! I am in a hurry and have to run but I just wanted to update..I will post more later this evening or tonight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tune in Tomorrow...

Because it is Baby H's big gender reveal. Last time I went in around 14wks baby H was measuring 5 days ahead and it "looked" like a boy. Of course she said that they all look like a boy at that point normally and she has seen them turn girl but baby H's parts were in her words "big and swollen" and she was unsure that they would turn girl. She said that my 20wk ultra sound would be interesting. So tomorrow we will get to see if we have that boy she thought she saw or if a mini-me is on the way. We are all excited and I have a call list, text list and email list of people to contact. I have received so many anxious calls reminding me to call. We are just excited to find out and we pray that whatever God blesses us with is healthy, strong and happy!
I'll give a quick weather update..this morning we were covered in snow but it soon melted! Thank goodness! It did rain and drizzle ALL day long! It has been cold, wet and gross outside. I hope it gets better soon.
Oh..I will update the blog tomorrow as soon as I can for those of you that are waiting on the big reveal on here! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Let it snow?

Well, wether I am letting it snow or is snowing! It did snow on Fri. but luckily it didn't stick. This morning when I got up and opened the curtains we were dusted in white. I think it is a pretty wet snow because the patio and roads are wet and the grass and rooftops are white. I just pray the wet roads don't turn to ice! It is just too early for this stuff! YUCK!!
Today I am 19wks! Almost half way there! Still no real bump yet. I have a little tummy but nothing major or something anyone else would really notice unless you know me really well. I *think* I have felt the baby at times but it is probably in my head. What I have felt has not been what they describe as what you normally will feel..butterflys or bubble/popcorn. What I think I have felt has been very little, ever so light nudges. I am sure the full on kicks and flips will come soon enough in the upcoming weeks. It is getting about that time to start feeling things regularly.
Things in Fargo are cold and busy. It looks like I have another steady week ahead. I just hope this snow melts and doesn't come back for at least a month!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yep. Stop rubbing your eyes. Yes, you read me right..I said snow. There is talk that we could get some of that dreaded white stuff as soon as Friday. It has been wet and cold here for awhile now. This evening the sun is finally peaking through but I think we have lots of rain still ahead.
Well, this is my 18wk post. I really can't believe it! I know I say that almost every week but WOW! It seems like it is flying but but I think staying busy has a little something to do with it. Let em be the 1st to admit..I feel like a COW!!! I feel so huge! I realize that this is a normal feeling but I HATE it! I just feel so gross. Maybe it will get better once I get a true belly. Goodness, I sure do hope so. I feel like I have gained a ton! I am using those bands to keep my pants up b/c it hurts when I sit if they are buttoned. I know that my delay in buying maternity clothes will soon have to change b/c the bump is slowly coming. I mean don't get me wrong..I am excited to be having a baby(still a little bit in denial but I am getting better) but the weight gain..I am NOT excited to gain at all! I am having a hard time with it but please don't fear..that is in no way keeping me from eating! LOL I have just struggled with my weight off and on and since being married I have had a better hold on it..and now..well..I don't. I just pray that the gain is minimal and that it comes off quickly. I am still training and have added cardio in the gym since it is getting too cold to do anything outside. I had training today and I get out of breath easy and have to rest longer in between things than before. Luckily, Matt has done his homework and is very patient and knows me well enough now that he can tell when I need to rest. It seems like it gets a little worse every week as far as the needing to rest goes. What is weird though is that it is not that bad when I go on a machine and do something at a steady pace for a while. Now days I am trying to train 2 days and do a little cardio on those days as well as 3 days a week for at least 30 min.
Dustin is doing well. I need to hurry up and send his box before he freezes!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


WOW!! Can you believe it? It is already October. Fall is definitely here. The leaves are changing and pumpkins and fall decor is starting to emerge on front porches. I have to admit that Fall is my most favorite time of year but I LOVE October. Maybe partly b/c yours truly has a birthday this month but also b/c it's a time when you break out decorations and warmer clothes. I also love the comfort foods that Fall brings too. Speaking of..I just enjoyed a nice bowl of beef stew that I made on this cold, wet night. It was so good!
Fall and especially October makes me think of when I was younger too. I think another reason is because my Mother went all out on Fall/Halloween decor. She always loved to decorate for any occasion(even the 4th..hey, she is pretty hardcore) but I think she went all out for Halloween because it was "my" month. I can remember all the pumpkins and witches she would put up but my most favorite decoration of all was Glenda the witch. She was a large stuffed witch(a happy nice witch) on a broom that she would place over the fire place. For some reason I was obsessed with this witch. I would always get so excited when Mother would get her out of the trunk she lived in for 11 months out of the year. To me she was a sign that Halloween was coming and I was happy to have her watch over us for the next 31 days. I was always sad to see her go back in that trunk. Looking back it is kind of a cheesy witch compared to all the beautiful decor that has evolved since then but I still cherish that witch and plan on getting it from her so I can use Glenda in my Halloween decor so this little one can enjoy something it's Mommy so loved. It so funny the things we remember from our childhood. I also remember this tiny candle..when I say tiny I mean tiny! I t was maybe the size of a large gumball from a vending machine. It was in the shape of a pumpkin and it had a ghost that came out of it. The thinking I most loved about it was that it smelled so good to me and you could take the ghost out and put it back in. Over the years I am sure it became a huge mess with all of the playing and handling that I did with it but it was a fun thing that I remember and loved just as much as Glenda. I cannot wait to share and create fun holiday memories like this with baby H. Since I am due in March maybe Easter will be it's "special" holiday/decor month. ;)
I will leave you with my most favorite decoration I just got this year. I have been begging to have this pumpkin made for 2 years..ever since I have been in Fargo. Luckily, the lady that does them decided she was tired of my begging so she agreed to make me one(they really don't do them for individuals) and I love it! I love it so much that I talked her into doing more for me and Paper Treats. So if you want one let me know. It is a realistic fake pumpkin and she can do anything on them but you know I had to do our name! It looks so cute with an LED light in it at night! It truly looks real..night or day it is hard to tell it's fake. I love that I can reuse it every year.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well this is week 17. Nothing to report on the bump front but I am sure it is coming soon. Oddly, I hope it waits a little while longer. I know most are excited to get a baby belly but I am okay with it holding off for a while. I can tell my body is changing(my ribs are widening LOL) daily but I can still button my just bugs me sometimes when I sit and it cuts into me. I am wear the belly bands some and that helps. I continue to feel well other than being tired from not sleeping. I guess my body is trying to get me conditioned well before March. I am sure sleep deprivation is in my near future.
Fall is officially here. We had a beautiful warm Saturday and come Sunday..Fall was here & it is not going anywhere. We had a drastic overnight change! It is getting down to the 30's at night. The days are nice in the 50's-60's but when the ND wind kicks in it is very chilly! I had to turn the heat on yesterday to knock the chill was downright cold in here.
Dustin is doing well. Same stuff different day. He refers to his days over there to Ground Hogs day. I am sure most of you have seen the movie. He finally got his box yesterday of goodies and things he requested recently. I put the latest sonogram pics in there with sticky notes on each detailing what he was looking at. He sent me a pic and he had the strip of 10 pics..stickies and all taped on the wall above his desk. It is almost longer than his desk. I couldn't help but laugh at his decorating but what can I say?..he is a proud Papa. LOL I am sure his co-workers got a laugh too.
This week is proving to be yet another busy week with work outs..errands..meetings and appointments. Always something going on. I am thankful that I am able to stay busy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

16 wks

I went to the DR. this morning for my 16wk checkup. She said everything was fine. We heard the heartbeat and it was a quick appt. She always laughs at me and how I am taking this pregnancy. She said my questions are not normal and make her laugh. She says I am far form the norm of what she sees. She just sees that it's me and comes in laughing. Maybe I should mention that the only baby book I read(which is before I was pregnant and really is not a baby book) was Tory Spellings Mommywood and I read that one b/c I loved her 1st. She thinks this is hysterical and is glad I am so easy going. When I mentioned I didn't want a birth plan and she could not make me do one I thought she was going to kiss me. She said that was the smartest thing she had heard in a while. My feelings on that is that you can "plan" all you want but it almost never goes that way. My philosophy through this whole thing is we will just wing it. I am trying to stay calm..which is hard to do when you have dogs in heat but surprisingly my blood pressure was normal this morning. My next appt. is in 4 wks and I will get my gender sonogram on the 22nd of October. Unlike most I am thinking blue but we will see. I truly don't know if the world..and me..can deal with a mini me.
In closing..I will leave y'all with answers to some FAQ..
Are you showing? No, I have a gut at night like most do when they have eaten all day but luckily it is gone by morning. My Dr. even commented about me not showing yet. I hope I have at least a month before my belly "pops".

Are you craving anything? Not really. I may want something specific but I don't have such an attack for it that I must have it ASAP. Normally when I eat it I am done really fast and don't want anymore. So constant cravings. I did have them before I found out..I ate at least 1 xl watermelon a day and blackbeans.

How are you feeling? I feel fine for the most part. I have been blessed and did not get sick at all but I did have mild nausea in the beginning. I don't sleep the greatest but I am making it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a week!

What a busy week! It seems like I have been go, go, go this week. Monday I somewhat cleaned out my closet and did a few things in the house and our room. The rest of the week I was gone..2 meetings, Junior league, various lunches and dinners, cooking at the Ronald McDonald house and then a gourmet dinner club...not to mention the other chores and errands I left out. Whew I am tired but it has been a good, fun week.
I have been tired because of not sleeping well at night but I am feeling well otherwise. I have a Dr. appt on Mon. so I will have a nice checkup then. Baby H got a wonderful gift this week! Baby H found out that its bedroom furniture(crib, matress and all) were purchased by GodMother Lesa. GodMother Kc also sent us a sweet gift of a car seat and 2 bases..Mom also got a few maternity clothes from her as well. Can you tell this baby is spoiled already? What wonderful GodMothers! I chose 2 GodMothers for this baby. They are my 2 best friends in the whole wide world. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful they are and how lucky this little one is to have them in it's life. They can't wait until March! We do have a GodFather for Baby H but I will not announce him yet..he doesn't even know.. Daddy has got to write him a letter and ask him first. I hope he will be able to do that soon.
Dustin seems to be doing well and feeling better. He is counting down the days until he comes are we.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The good and the not so good

Well life here in Fargo remains busy! This has been another good and hectic week. The weather is starting to cool and Fall is in the air. This is my FAVORITE time of year! Now if Dustin was just here to enjoy it with me it would be even more perfect. This fall is proving to be a very busy one and looks like it will only get busier. Busy is good though. It keeps me going and helps make the time go by until Dustin comes home.
I have continued to feel well..until Wed. I was walking to the kitchen and got a sharp pain and felt a pop. I went to the couch and discovered I had continued pain and my left side was very tender to the touch. Long story short..after visiting the Dr. on Thurs. she said that I either had a cyst or a problem with the placenta and ordered an ultrasound. I went this morning and (keep in mind this is from the Dr. has not called yet) I do in fact have a cyst and it is pressing on a nerve since everything is squished in there b/c of baby H. I was glad to have an explanation for my pain in walking and the other many pains I have had due to this cyst. The good part of the visit is that I got to see 30..count em 30 minutes of Baby H today. The techs that my Dr.'s office uses is the reason why I am with my Dr..aside the fact that she is very good. These techs have always been great with me(they truly do way more than they should). We checked out the baby from head to toe and from the looks of it everything looks great! Today it actually looks like a baby and not a blob. It was amazing the changes that had taken place. Baby H slept most of the time but we did get to see a bit of movement. I got over 10 pics from the tech and a few videos on my IPhone for Dad. I can't wait for him to see them tomorrow when he gets to work.
I am and will be fine. I have a pretty good tolerance for pain. I will wait and see what all my Dr. says next week but for now I feel good knowing it is a cyst and Baby H is doing well.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Here is a super quick video of the baby. You can see the arm moving and touching its head.

Friday, September 4, 2009

13.5 weeks

Life in Fargo is the same as always..busy. I'm not sure I could tell you what I have been busy doing but I can assure you I have been busy! Lots going on with Jr. League, friends and upcoming baby Harris. I am now 13.5 weeks along. I am feeling better. I have been lucky though. I only have been sick at my stomach. The nausea is subsiding and my appetite is coming back. Nope, no bump yet. You may can see a little gut at night but thats about it. Thankfully, I am still in my clothes..although sometimes they are uncomfortable if I sit too long. I am hoping (and praying) I don't "pop" until after 20 weeks at least.
I have been eating healthy..or trying to. I have to admit that my eating before was not too bad so I am really just eating what I was eating before. I just try and make sure I gets lots of lean protein in but I still indulge if I am wanting something. I just try to eat in moderation. I am still going to my trainer and exercising. I feel like a wimp and weak when I go but he says its all in my head. He has been great since I found out. He has done lots of research and he even tells me interesting things about what is going on and what to expect. I am mainly working my arms and legs..and lots of lower back stuff too! I have been having back pain already so he is really trying to strengthen my back. I am hoping to train up until I deliver. I want to be in shape so I can push this baby out fast!..and I also want to hopefully make shedding the extra pounds a little easier.

The question I get asked the most is "do you know what it is?" And the answer is no. My Dr. doesn't do a sonogram until 20-22 weeks BUT I may be able to find out in a few weeks. I have connections..and thats all I'm saying ;) We would probably not announce even if we do find out sooner..we will wait and get confirmation at my 20 wk ultrasound. I go back and forth as to what I think it is. Dustin says its a boy. All but 4 people say girl so we will see. Honestly, I thought I really wanted a boy but I just pray that this little one is healthy and happy! The whole thing still has not hit us yet! I guess you could say we are still in denial.

Oh, as I was fixing dinner and UPS delivered a package. To my surprise it was a gift from Dustin. It was from Spoiled Mama! I got a nice basket of tea, tummy butter and belly gloss. I will let you know what I think of everything but I am sure I will LOVE it all! It all smells so good and I am excited to use it. It was a great start to my weekend! Even though Dustin is not here to personally spoil us he still surprises me and still spoils me from half way around the world! We are soo lucky!!

Have a great Labor Day weekend and I hope the 1st SEC Football Saturday of the season is a good one for all!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Changes are a comin..

Well, I do apologize for not updating sooner. There has been sooo much going on! It has truly been a roller coaster! Let me give you a quick timeline..
6.29-Surprise!!(to us) We found out we are having a baby! No..not puppies..a real HUMAN baby
6.30- I was sick..had to go to Dr. and put on huge alarm though but still..then we get a call that Dustin will be deploying in about a month!
7/1-7/2-Trip to Minneapolis or as the locals call it "The Cities" (drives me nuts) for Dustin's Bday (YAY for 41!!)
7/5- Screaming, horrible pains awakened me in the wee hours of the morning which resulted in an ER trip. I will go into more detailed pregnancy things in a later post but for now I will just leave it at what my diagnosis was "Anna, you lost your baby. I'm sorry but your body decided not to go along with the pregnancy because of abnormalities (with baby). Please follow up with your Dr. You should miscarry soon. Here is a pamphlet on what to expect."
7.7-followed up with my Dr. She said we would wait it out for 3 weeks and have a sonogram if nothing happened before then that needed prompt attention.
The 3 weeks- prayed and prayed some more..did LOTS of research..Dr. visits for Dustin in preparation for deployment..tried to go about "normal" life as best as we could
7.28-The sonogram day..(again more detailed info later) we saw our baby and the heartbeat! Praise the good Lord!
Week before deployment..lots of packing and last minute details..if you never have been thru a deployment you have no clue how crazy it it off with our crazy emotions and it makes for yet another WILD week.
8.7- Dustin deploys. He left his wife as he knows her, my..what he will come back to in Dec. LOL

So, as you can see, Crazy is an understatement as to describe life in the Harris household lately. I am happy to report that Dustin had a safe trip and we are all settling into the life we will have for the next few moths until we are reunited again.

In other news..Dustin has decided to get "healthy". He declared before he left that he was going to run the Fargo half marathon in May. He has changed his eating habits (drastically) and is working out and training. He is committed to this like he was when he decided to seriously quit smoking. I am so very proud of him and I know he will do great! Baby H and I will be cheering him on during the race! We can't wait!! To follow his progress..and laugh hysterically..please go to his blog.. blog
I promise you will laugh out loud! He truly has a gift for writing.

Life in Fargo is good. We are just truckin' along like usual. I am now a little over 12 weeks and just had my 1st appt. on Mon. I got to hear the heartbeat so that was nice to know that it was still in there as of Mon, The other babies are good. Dixie is coming in heat so Beau and I have our issues. I guess we are about to go to battle soon but we have done this tango before. I feel bad for him because he can't help the way he acts. I am just doing my best to stay calm...which is very hard.

Thanks for reading. Now you are all caught up on us for the most part. I guess this will turn into a pregnancy update blog and then morph into a baby Harris blog. I plan on going more into detail on things so check back tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Half Way There.....

YAY!! It's Wednesday(or past midnight/early Thurs. am) and we are a week away from a much needed break!! We plan on taking his 6 days off to relax and just enjoy the house..and OF COURSE we will be cooking on the egg! YUM!

Even though Dustin has been working he has been cooking before he goes in. He likes to take food in and share with his fellow late nighters. Normally they bring side dishes and he brings some sort of meat dish. I also get to enjoy a little bit of his cooks before he leaves. I went to Sams and stocked up on meat so we should be covered until he is off.

I have been pretty busy with lots of errands and early morning workouts! It has been a quick week so far. I feel like I am lacking in sleep but I am still keeping busy. I must admit though...I am so doggone sore I truly can hardly walk!!! Oh, I know it will get better but OUCH!

Friday, June 19, 2009


So all is busy in Fargo. Dustin is working away. He still has a LONG way to go on his 15 day stint at work.
The weather has been rainy this week but today was absolutely wonderful. Warm with a nice cool breeze! It was just perfect!

Well finally I have uploaded pictures to my new computer..which I am really enjoying! These pictures are all from our trip to the South. Enjoy..
This was the view from our house on the beach! (THANKS KC!!!)

KC, My Best Friend in Bama and her 2 gorgeous girls..Kaylyn(my god daughter) and baby Peyton

All of the girls

Dustin and me

Some of Dustin's family came down to Destin while we were there so we met them for dinner a few nights..This is his cousins little girl, Abby

This is his cousin's son, Fisher

Another one of us

As we were leaving the beach for Bama at 6am we came across this shrimp boat so we stopped and bought 20+ pounds of shrimp to take home

The Shrimp Man

And last BUT certainly not least..The infamous car pics! I have NO clue how we got everything in there with room to spare! We had so much to haul back..everything from LOTS of food including shrimp, 8 gallons of Tea and Icecream..TONS of antique glass from family..Dustin's bike..AND way too much luggage..what can I say?..I am NOT the best packer! Like someone once told me.."you have to have options not obligations"..yes, that was from a guy and he was referring to clothes.
Back View

Side View 1

Side View 2

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, we made it back from our trip! We also made it back with way more than we left with but NO Uhaul!! YAY! We even had a little roof space to spare. Amazingly..our 25 pounds of shrimp, 8 gallons of Milos Tea and LOTS of bluebell ice cream made it too! We were so glad to be home and see our babies!!!! We had a wonderful trip but it was nice to get home. We had a full day home to recoup from the long drive before Dustin went back to work. I am still sorta out of it because I can't keep track of what day it is. I think that is partly due to Dustin being back home. We are trying to get back on our own "normal" schedule. Goodness knows our schedule is FAR from "normal" but it is normal to us. That being looks like our kind of normal will have to wait a while. Every time Dustin went into work it seems like his schedule changed. Right now, it looks like (due to being shorthanded) starting tomorrow he will be off for 3 days and then work nights(as usual) for 15/12 hour shifts. Yep, I am going to have a very happy boy on my hands. He will have a few days off to rest and then do another 15 day stretch..and then hopefully he will be back to his normal schedule.

Fargo was the same it as it was when we left it....COLD. We have finally had a few warmer days in the mid/high 60's to low/mid 70's but normally there is quite a breeze and very chilly nights. OH how we love Fargo weather! HA!

Paper Treats has been pretty steady which is great! I have lots of fun orders coming in and SUPER fun new stuff arriving at the end of the month!! I am so excited about everything coming in!!!

Besides work, schedule changes and trying to settle in..we are doing well and HAPPY to be home and together! It's great to be married but it's even better to be married and be in the same place!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

and away we go..

First off let me apologize for not updating sooner. The last few weeks have been so busy. I am happy to say that Dustin made it home safe and sound on the 12th. It is so great to have him home! As soon as he got home we insisted on leaving for Bama ASAP. We packed up and left for our planned but surprise trip(for everyone else). First on our stop was at Lake Guntersville to partake in the annual Aldeer fishing tournament. For the record..NO fishing was done at all! We enjoyed catching up with all of Dustin hunting buddies and $1000 was raised for Toys for Tots. For those of you that don't know about Aldeer it is a hunting forum that Dustin has been a member of for years. We have made wonderful friends on the forum and enjoy getting together with them when we are back in Bama, Every year they fundraise through December and then right before Christmas they always present a check to the Birmingham area Marines Toys for Tots. Since 2003 they have contributed over $50,000 to the wonderful cause that makes christmas possible to so many less fortunate children.
When we finally made it to Anniston we stayed with our Aunt Debra and Uncle Sammy. They were the only ones on his side that knew we were coming. We got up on Sunday morning and had a wonderful breakfast and visit with my Dad and Susie. That afternoon we went to Aunt Jerrie's for the much anticipated surprise! Thanks to Debra she arranged everything and we were able to successfully surprise 2 aunts and our nieces and 1 nephew. They were all stunned! We had an amazing southern home cooked meal and a lovely family visit.
That Monday we arranged to have lunch with Dustin's sister, Wendi, her children and Dustin's Dad(who had no clue we were in town!) We ate at Mata's which is a great pizza place and a must eat whenever we visit. We were able to surprise Tommy and then Jackie(Tommy's wife) when she joined us later.
After lunch we left for MS to visit my grandmother Vernon. Dustin had never been to visit her so it was a must stop on our way to the beach. We had great home cooking and a wonderful but quick visit. When we headed out we did NOT leave empty handed. Helen gave us boiled peanuts, fresh veggies and some yummy things she froze for us so we would not have to cook as much while at the beach.
My best friend from Mobile, Kc was gracious enough to let us use her condo in Destin, FL for a few weeks. Yep, that's right! We are at the beach and have been since the 19th. Unfortunately, the weather has not been so great. It has been rainy, overcast and very windy so we have seen NO beach time at all! We have shopped a little but mainly we have just stayed in and enjoyed not having to be anywhere. We did get bored one day and decided to get new computers that we had been discussing for sometime now. Both of ours were on their last legs so we went out and got new Mac laptops. We are new to Macs but it has kept us busy learning what all they can do. I have to say that we can't believe we didn't do it sooner! We are really enjoying them and can't wait to learn more about them!
Well, again I apologize for not updating in so long AND for such a long post. I hope everyone is well! We hope to be at the beach for another week and then head to Bama for a few days before we make our trip back to Fargo and back to the the real world.

Friday, May 1, 2009

4 years..

Happy Anniversary to us! ( I am up way too late so officially it is our Anniversary) Dustin and I have been married 4 years today! I am sad we will not be able to spend the day together but I am so blessed and lucky to be married to him and have such a wonderful husband!
Today is also the day that Dustin's Aunt Jerrie and Uncle Orval are having their 50th Anniversary party. The family got together and decided to throw them a party. We hate we will not be able to be there but I know everyone will have a great time.
The weather here has been pretty cold and windy this week. It has also rained a little but this week too. As usual, we are still playing the waiting game with Dustin's return home. I hope his replacement will be able to leave soon so Dustin and hurry up and get home! I hope it starts to warm up before he gets home.
This week has been so crazy busy. Honestly, I can't really tell you much of what I did but I know I was busy and on the go all week. I was invited to go and see the off Broadway production of Footloose on Wed. It was a good show. I am glad I was able to go.
I will try and write more this weekend but for now I will leave you with some wedding pics..