Friday, December 31, 2010

Wow! What is it with me and blogging?? We have been busy as always but I have just been spending all of my time with the boys. We stay really busy when Dustin is home and I devote all my attention to him(and JH of course) while he is home. We try to soak up all of the family time we can get because we know all too soon that it will be time for him to leave again..and it will be here so fast. I am really starting to get very sad and a tad depressed. Looks like this time might be the hardest on me.

On another note, I have been taking photography classes and got a new camera(Nikon d700) and lens(50mm 1.4) for those of you that are into photography. I took a local class and I have also done one online. I plan to take more online in the next few months. I still have so much to learn but at least I am shooting in manual. At the end of the month long online class, they suggested doing a 365 project. The thought behind this is to get familiar with your camera and the more you do the more you learn. I have learned so much by trial and error. The project is to take a picture everyday and then blog it so you can keep up with all of your entries. As of right now, that seems like a very good idea, who knows if I will stick with it but I think I just may try it.
Check back tomorrow..
I will start my project (I hope) and at least link you to a few blogs that have done this.