Monday, June 21, 2010

We are here!!

We are in Arizona!! We had a great flight last night. Everything here is very nice. It is a beautiful place and huge. Everything is spread out. We are waiting on the girls to get here so we have been laying out. Jack Henry is doing pretty well getting used to everything. We tried putting him in the water but he needed a nap so he was not a happy baby. He is napping now so maybe we will try again maybe later today.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend and then from today.
Check back soon..I will try and update daily with lots of pics.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am sad that Dustin is not here to share his 1st Fathers Day with us. I know he wishes he could be with us too. I hope he has a wonderful day and knows how much we appreciate him! I could not ask for a better husband or Daddy for Jack Henry. We are so blessed to have him and we love him very much.

We are busy packing and getting ready for our trip(look for pics in the next few days!) but I want y'all to see what we got all of the Dad's this year. While I was home I went to Little Moments Pottery in Jacksonville. Tracy is so great and so creative. She really has a gift. All I did was take JH and tell her what I was thinking and she just painted and stamped his hands, feet, fingers and toes(we are going to stamp his booty for a tray when we go back in Oct.) and created the cutest gifts!

This is Dustin's BBQ platter. I love how it turned out! With the Big Green Egg Grill, dogs, Dad, baby and all the other nature stuff. So cute!

This is for Grandaddy Wayne. He is always on his Kubota tractor out in the country. Hattie and Callie made the barn and tree.

This is for Papa Motes. He always has on overalls(gave JH a pair to match his when he gets older) and loves to travel in his motor home.

This one is Grandaddy Tommy's. He loves Alabama Football!!

This is for PopPop(my Dad) He also loves Alabama football and his BGE!

I hope they all enjoy their gifts and have a great day! We love them all and appreciate all that they do for us.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh , what a day!!!

Goodness! This has been a crazy day!! When I got the babies out of their kennels this morning I noticed Beau had been sick. I tried to feed him and he refused to eat. When Beau Radley refuses to eat we have MAJOR problems. I put the girls back up and brought him in to see what I could do with him. He got sick a few times and was so thirsty. After talking with Dustin we decided to take him to vet. Oh, did I mention that it was raining and hailing like crazy? It was flooding out so bad! It took us 30 min to get there! I had to go all over town because of the water and still had to go through lots of water. I was so afraid the car would stall or flood. When I tried to get back home it was worse. I had to park my car on dry land and walk a few streets home. I was wading in knee deep water. It was crazy. Luckily, Beau seems to be better and is home. Dixie got sick too. I think they got a bad bag of dog food.
Jack Henry did not want to sleep at all today. He is such a turkey. I did get some fun pictures of him tonight.
I got the Christening CD in the mail today. I will try and put a few on here this weekend so be sure to check back.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just another week in Fargo. The weather is still pretty cloudy and chilly but it is supposed to get better and warmer later in the week. We are enjoying our time with Bebe. I have been out on my own a few times but I still like staying in and snuggling with JH. It is so hard for me to leave him when he is *talking* and smiling up a storm.
This week we are just doing the normal errands and the endless task of keeping the house clean. We are also slowly packing for our trip on Sunday. We are so sad that Daddy will not be here to celebrate his 1st Father's day with us so we are leaving..LOL We are going to AZ(and taking our most favorite babysitter with us) to spend the week with Godmother Lesa and her babies and Miss Angel(Lesa's SIL) and her babies. JH will be the youngest by far but we are planning on having a great time. We are staying at a resort in Phoenix. Be watching for trip pictures and updates. I am debating on getting my new camera I have been planning to buy and trying it out on the trip. We will see if that happens.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knock 1st..

Life in Fargo has been pretty overcast and cool the past few days. It is pretty windy here too. Mother is really enjoying her Jack Henry and he loves his Bebe! JH is getting so big! He is starting to laugh. I have found that I can really get him going by pretending to nibble on his belly. He thinks its funny. Also, anytime Bebe says poop he smiles really big and will let out a little giggle. He is so much fun!!

This morning we were having our daily video chat with Daddy. JH was getting tired so I took the computer away from him so he could go with Bebe for a nap. He got so mad! I put it back and he swatted at the screen and smiled. He was not ready to leave his Daddy. He talked to Dustin a little more and then was okay when we put him down. He does love talking to his Daddy. He always leans into the computer and smiles while Dustin talks to him. He even talks back a little. He is always with me on the computer but never does any of that until we talk to his Daddy.

As all of you know Dustin is deployed. Well, before he left he bought me a few presents. One was a beautiful watch he surprised me with to mark the wonderful occasion of the birth of our little Jack Henry. The others were a beautiful shotgun and a fun little pistol. He left a friend in charge of helping me with everything so on Monday we went out to the shooting range. We were there almost all day (he brought lots of his toys to play with). It was a little hard getting him to leave. You know men and their toys. He was very helpful and a great teacher.
Dustin made us promise to get pictures so here are a few..
Dustin did such a good job picking out my gifts!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

SORRY!! has been very busy!! Just a run down..recovering from surgery, trip to Bama, JH Christening and Dustin deploying..and all the other stuff in between! Things are starting to resemble some sort of a pattern now so I am back to regular blogging.

Jack Henry is doing well. He is getting so big! As of our last Dr. visit at 10wks he weighed just shy of 15lbs and was 25 inches long. He was in the 97th percentile for both. What can I say?..we have a very big boy on our hands. He is smiling and "talking" lots. He is so much fun! SO much fun that his Bebe(my Mother) could not stand missing out on the fun so she is flying in tomorrow and staying for a whole month! I know he will love all of the extra attention and I will love the help since Dustin is gone again. I know we will have lots of fun.
JH has not been much of a napper up until this week. He would always fuss and cry and when you would lay him down and wake right up if he was sleeping in your arms. One day this week that seemed to stop! He took TWO 2 hour naps in one day on his own. All I had to do was lay him down and he would later fall asleep. I truly thought he was sick and so did my normal sitter. We were so worried because that was very unlike Jack Henry. I guess he is growing up because he now goes down pretty well when I put him down. He is still getting teh hang of how long to nap but he is so much better!
I will leave you with random pics of Jack Henry to catch you up on the months I failed to update the blog.
I promise that I am back on track now so check back often! You may get tired of all my posts now that I am on a roll again :)
By the way..he looks just like his Daddy!!