Thursday, August 27, 2009

Changes are a comin..

Well, I do apologize for not updating sooner. There has been sooo much going on! It has truly been a roller coaster! Let me give you a quick timeline..
6.29-Surprise!!(to us) We found out we are having a baby! No..not puppies..a real HUMAN baby
6.30- I was sick..had to go to Dr. and put on huge alarm though but still..then we get a call that Dustin will be deploying in about a month!
7/1-7/2-Trip to Minneapolis or as the locals call it "The Cities" (drives me nuts) for Dustin's Bday (YAY for 41!!)
7/5- Screaming, horrible pains awakened me in the wee hours of the morning which resulted in an ER trip. I will go into more detailed pregnancy things in a later post but for now I will just leave it at what my diagnosis was "Anna, you lost your baby. I'm sorry but your body decided not to go along with the pregnancy because of abnormalities (with baby). Please follow up with your Dr. You should miscarry soon. Here is a pamphlet on what to expect."
7.7-followed up with my Dr. She said we would wait it out for 3 weeks and have a sonogram if nothing happened before then that needed prompt attention.
The 3 weeks- prayed and prayed some more..did LOTS of research..Dr. visits for Dustin in preparation for deployment..tried to go about "normal" life as best as we could
7.28-The sonogram day..(again more detailed info later) we saw our baby and the heartbeat! Praise the good Lord!
Week before deployment..lots of packing and last minute details..if you never have been thru a deployment you have no clue how crazy it it off with our crazy emotions and it makes for yet another WILD week.
8.7- Dustin deploys. He left his wife as he knows her, my..what he will come back to in Dec. LOL

So, as you can see, Crazy is an understatement as to describe life in the Harris household lately. I am happy to report that Dustin had a safe trip and we are all settling into the life we will have for the next few moths until we are reunited again.

In other news..Dustin has decided to get "healthy". He declared before he left that he was going to run the Fargo half marathon in May. He has changed his eating habits (drastically) and is working out and training. He is committed to this like he was when he decided to seriously quit smoking. I am so very proud of him and I know he will do great! Baby H and I will be cheering him on during the race! We can't wait!! To follow his progress..and laugh hysterically..please go to his blog.. blog
I promise you will laugh out loud! He truly has a gift for writing.

Life in Fargo is good. We are just truckin' along like usual. I am now a little over 12 weeks and just had my 1st appt. on Mon. I got to hear the heartbeat so that was nice to know that it was still in there as of Mon, The other babies are good. Dixie is coming in heat so Beau and I have our issues. I guess we are about to go to battle soon but we have done this tango before. I feel bad for him because he can't help the way he acts. I am just doing my best to stay calm...which is very hard.

Thanks for reading. Now you are all caught up on us for the most part. I guess this will turn into a pregnancy update blog and then morph into a baby Harris blog. I plan on going more into detail on things so check back tomorrow.