Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vegas update..

I made it to Vegas and Lesa came and got me Tuesday morning. Sticking with tradition when I visit Lesa..of course I got sick! I got a stomach bug Wednesday night. I also started to get a fever on Thursday but luckily we were able to get it to return to normal. I think I just got dehydrated and that is where the fever came from. I am actually in better hands here if I get sick or hurt than I am at home so no one was really worried. Lesa did call the OB and he said if my fever got to 100. then I had to go to the ER but thanks to lots of prayer, Tylenol and Gatorade I did not have go.

Aside from being sick, I have had a great time visiting with Lesa and the kids. They are growing so much! Charlotte, the baby has given me lots of practice to brush up on my baby skills. What a sweet and big girl she is! Madelyn and Robert are a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing Mom on Wednesday and doing their normal routine with them while Mom was at work. Yesterday we went to a few Trick or Treating events around town and we may hit a few today as well as a little shopping for Lesa and I. Tomorrow I go back to Vegas to stay with Stacy and her family where I think we will be doing a little shopping as well.

While I was sick I started to notice Jack Henry more and more. He really was moving while I was sick but I think it had something to do with me not eating and maybe that made him mad? He tends to get restless when it is time to eat. I can tell that I am really starting to feel him periodically throughout the day. Normally, it is not a lot but it is starting to become a little more frequent. I know that his movements and how often I feel them will become even more frequent in the days and weeks to come.

Dustin is doing well. Still cold and counting down the days til he comes home. He has less than 6wks per his count. He will be here before we know it. I am really concerned about a box that I sent to him that had all of warm clothes in it. He has still yet to get it. It normally doesn't take this long so I am really upset and I know he is really cold! I pray it gets there soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Minute..

Well this week is Week 21 and I am excited to say I will be spending it with my Best Friend (one of JH's Godmothers) and my godchildren! I have not seen Lesa in over a year and I have never met her newest addition, Charlotte. I am packing now and finishing up last minute errands. I have a house/dog sitter and I am ready to go. It will be nice to get away for a few days. I always have a great time with Lesa and family. I just pray this time that I stay well.
Check back for trip pics and updates. I will be posting a lot.
I also super excited that I get to see my good friend Stacy and meet her little boy! What an unexpected but fun trip!
Oh and BTW..the title of this post is "last Minute"..I think booking the trip literally 5 min. ago qualifies for a last minute trip. LOL

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby H. has a name!

Jack Henry Harris. He will be called Jack Henry. Dustin and I really could only agree on this name. I love the ring it has with Harris. It's nice to put a name with the little person who nudges me every now and then.
We have received quite a few gifts these last few days. Jack Henry got some great books from our sweet neighbor and yesterday he was given the cutest Juicy hat and booties from my dear friend Ami and her baby girl to be. They are both soft velour with the Juicy dog imprint on them. Today we got another box from Godmother KC with a few more clothes for me and to my surprise there were 2 beautifully wrapped gifts. I was thrilled when I unwrapped the cutest little brightly colored crochet frog and a sweet little smocked backpack with a fire engine. The smocked backpack made me miss the South! Oh my goodness at the smocked things little Jack Henry will have. You can bet that his new backpack will soon be monogrammed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half way there!!

I am 20 wks! My Dr. appt. turned out okay on Mon. I go back in a month. I am sure I will have a bigger bump by then and maybe he will be moving around more and I can feel him more.
Beau still continues to bring my meds every morning. I think he likes getting praised too.
Dustin is down to 7wks so he will be home so soon! We are so ready!
Not much more to report here as of now. No news is good news in my book. The weather is about the same and I continue to stay busy which is good.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beau Radley

Well most of you know that we have 3 crazy chocolate lab dogs. They are inside dogs. They all drive me completely crazy a lot of the time..some more than others. Beau Radley is my male and he is 6 years old and about 90 pounds or so. He is such a big goof. He is very much a baby and a Momma's boy. He does not leave my side ever..unless of course there is food involved. Beau is quite mischievous and likes to get into things and has been known to jump on counters or take things off of the coffee table. While I could write a book about Beau and the crazy and sweet things he does I wanted to share will y'all his latest thing. One morning a few weeks ago I was standing in front of the fireplace trying to get warm. The dogs were all standing in front of me but Beau was sitting up perfectly still and straight with his back to me. A while later I noticed he had not moved and something was making his jowls pop out so I instantly knew he had been into something. When I investigated further I discovered that he had my prenatal bottle in his mouth. I got it out of his mouth and he got in trouble. Well everyday since then he gets up on my bed side table (without my knowledge) and gets my prenatals and brings them to me. EVERYDAY!! While I take them at night before bed I always pet him and thank him for bringing me my meds. I guess he is just looking out for us. It amazes me that he doesn't chew on teh bottle (normally anything he gets he chews on) but there is not one mark on it..and might I add that there are 2 bottles that I take and he some knows and brings them both to me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

What a day!

It has been a busy day! Dustin is thrilled to say the least. We are both very excited that this baby boy is on the way! Let the monogramming and clothes buying begin.
My ultrasound appointment went great. Baby Harris looked good and on track from what we could tell. That made Momma happy! Not only was the gender reveal a fun surprise but we also got another great surprise. To make a long story short, the lady that has done all 3 ultrasounds told me she wanted to ask me something before we started. I was a little unsure of what was going on at first but she started explaining that we had had a rocky start and she hated that Dustin was gone. She said she hates that he has not seen the baby move and that we should experience this together. She told me that she told her husband(who to our surprise is the owner of the imaging place) about us and our situation so they want us to come in when he gets back and have a 4D charge. I was shocked to say the least. I was so happy and touched. So now we get to see Baby H one more time before the big day in March..and this time we get to do it together. I have always been crazy about the ultrasound tech at this imaging place but this did it even more. We are so truly blessed and lucky.
One prayer request before I go..I had a cyst back a few weeks ago on my ovary that was pressing on a nerve. Well, today I found out that it has gotten bigger. Please pray that it shrinks. We do not want it to rupture or get bigger. I go in for my 20wk appt. on Mon. so I am sure I will know a little more then.

It's a...

BOY!!! I am in a hurry and have to run but I just wanted to update..I will post more later this evening or tonight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tune in Tomorrow...

Because it is Baby H's big gender reveal. Last time I went in around 14wks baby H was measuring 5 days ahead and it "looked" like a boy. Of course she said that they all look like a boy at that point normally and she has seen them turn girl but baby H's parts were in her words "big and swollen" and she was unsure that they would turn girl. She said that my 20wk ultra sound would be interesting. So tomorrow we will get to see if we have that boy she thought she saw or if a mini-me is on the way. We are all excited and I have a call list, text list and email list of people to contact. I have received so many anxious calls reminding me to call. We are just excited to find out and we pray that whatever God blesses us with is healthy, strong and happy!
I'll give a quick weather update..this morning we were covered in snow but it soon melted! Thank goodness! It did rain and drizzle ALL day long! It has been cold, wet and gross outside. I hope it gets better soon.
Oh..I will update the blog tomorrow as soon as I can for those of you that are waiting on the big reveal on here! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Let it snow?

Well, wether I am letting it snow or is snowing! It did snow on Fri. but luckily it didn't stick. This morning when I got up and opened the curtains we were dusted in white. I think it is a pretty wet snow because the patio and roads are wet and the grass and rooftops are white. I just pray the wet roads don't turn to ice! It is just too early for this stuff! YUCK!!
Today I am 19wks! Almost half way there! Still no real bump yet. I have a little tummy but nothing major or something anyone else would really notice unless you know me really well. I *think* I have felt the baby at times but it is probably in my head. What I have felt has not been what they describe as what you normally will feel..butterflys or bubble/popcorn. What I think I have felt has been very little, ever so light nudges. I am sure the full on kicks and flips will come soon enough in the upcoming weeks. It is getting about that time to start feeling things regularly.
Things in Fargo are cold and busy. It looks like I have another steady week ahead. I just hope this snow melts and doesn't come back for at least a month!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yep. Stop rubbing your eyes. Yes, you read me right..I said snow. There is talk that we could get some of that dreaded white stuff as soon as Friday. It has been wet and cold here for awhile now. This evening the sun is finally peaking through but I think we have lots of rain still ahead.
Well, this is my 18wk post. I really can't believe it! I know I say that almost every week but WOW! It seems like it is flying but but I think staying busy has a little something to do with it. Let em be the 1st to admit..I feel like a COW!!! I feel so huge! I realize that this is a normal feeling but I HATE it! I just feel so gross. Maybe it will get better once I get a true belly. Goodness, I sure do hope so. I feel like I have gained a ton! I am using those bands to keep my pants up b/c it hurts when I sit if they are buttoned. I know that my delay in buying maternity clothes will soon have to change b/c the bump is slowly coming. I mean don't get me wrong..I am excited to be having a baby(still a little bit in denial but I am getting better) but the weight gain..I am NOT excited to gain at all! I am having a hard time with it but please don't fear..that is in no way keeping me from eating! LOL I have just struggled with my weight off and on and since being married I have had a better hold on it..and now..well..I don't. I just pray that the gain is minimal and that it comes off quickly. I am still training and have added cardio in the gym since it is getting too cold to do anything outside. I had training today and I get out of breath easy and have to rest longer in between things than before. Luckily, Matt has done his homework and is very patient and knows me well enough now that he can tell when I need to rest. It seems like it gets a little worse every week as far as the needing to rest goes. What is weird though is that it is not that bad when I go on a machine and do something at a steady pace for a while. Now days I am trying to train 2 days and do a little cardio on those days as well as 3 days a week for at least 30 min.
Dustin is doing well. I need to hurry up and send his box before he freezes!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


WOW!! Can you believe it? It is already October. Fall is definitely here. The leaves are changing and pumpkins and fall decor is starting to emerge on front porches. I have to admit that Fall is my most favorite time of year but I LOVE October. Maybe partly b/c yours truly has a birthday this month but also b/c it's a time when you break out decorations and warmer clothes. I also love the comfort foods that Fall brings too. Speaking of..I just enjoyed a nice bowl of beef stew that I made on this cold, wet night. It was so good!
Fall and especially October makes me think of when I was younger too. I think another reason is because my Mother went all out on Fall/Halloween decor. She always loved to decorate for any occasion(even the 4th..hey, she is pretty hardcore) but I think she went all out for Halloween because it was "my" month. I can remember all the pumpkins and witches she would put up but my most favorite decoration of all was Glenda the witch. She was a large stuffed witch(a happy nice witch) on a broom that she would place over the fire place. For some reason I was obsessed with this witch. I would always get so excited when Mother would get her out of the trunk she lived in for 11 months out of the year. To me she was a sign that Halloween was coming and I was happy to have her watch over us for the next 31 days. I was always sad to see her go back in that trunk. Looking back it is kind of a cheesy witch compared to all the beautiful decor that has evolved since then but I still cherish that witch and plan on getting it from her so I can use Glenda in my Halloween decor so this little one can enjoy something it's Mommy so loved. It so funny the things we remember from our childhood. I also remember this tiny candle..when I say tiny I mean tiny! I t was maybe the size of a large gumball from a vending machine. It was in the shape of a pumpkin and it had a ghost that came out of it. The thinking I most loved about it was that it smelled so good to me and you could take the ghost out and put it back in. Over the years I am sure it became a huge mess with all of the playing and handling that I did with it but it was a fun thing that I remember and loved just as much as Glenda. I cannot wait to share and create fun holiday memories like this with baby H. Since I am due in March maybe Easter will be it's "special" holiday/decor month. ;)
I will leave you with my most favorite decoration I just got this year. I have been begging to have this pumpkin made for 2 years..ever since I have been in Fargo. Luckily, the lady that does them decided she was tired of my begging so she agreed to make me one(they really don't do them for individuals) and I love it! I love it so much that I talked her into doing more for me and Paper Treats. So if you want one let me know. It is a realistic fake pumpkin and she can do anything on them but you know I had to do our name! It looks so cute with an LED light in it at night! It truly looks real..night or day it is hard to tell it's fake. I love that I can reuse it every year.