Thursday, January 21, 2010

A few goodies..

Today was like Christmas for me! I had taken a few things for Amber to do for me as well as order a few things from her to be made. I went and picked them up today. It was like Christmas looking at what all she had done. There is so much more than what I am posting but I just wanted to post a few things to show. You all know that I am a crazy person when it comes to custom things and monogrammed stuff. Poor Jack Henry better love his name and initials because it will be or already is on just about everything he owns. People here think I am crazy for all of this I am sure but's me and I love it!

Paci Holders


Hooded Towels

Burp clothes-( I have at least 10 of these LOL)

**Of course all of this and more is available form Paper Treats :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We have a crib! (Thanks Lesa!)

YAY! The crib is up! (Lesa, you can now breathe a sigh of relief!) Dustin was off today and UPS delivered the missing hardware this afternoon. Surprisingly, it was fairly quick and easy. I got the bedding yesterday from UPS so we will see if I keep it. I am still up in the air on everything but I am leaning in a certain direction for the room..I just hope I can make it work. I think this weekend we will have someone paint the room a lighter color to open it up and make it a little brighter. I will post pics when we have everything completed..who knows when that will be.
This is week 33. I have my days and then again I have my times. Some of the day I feel great and others I don't. I know it is all very normal. Jack Henry is still moving a bit. He likes to really move in the mornings and on somedays he will move for me at night. He has little movements when I sit throughout the day but mainly mornings are his play time. I still think he has a bit of room in there.
Fargo still remains rather warm for this time of year and we are really enjoying it. Dustin and I have done things around the house today since he is off today and tomorrow. We are looking forward to cooking ribs and having friends over tomorrow and then on Thursday Dustin is back to days..his fav!..At least he only has to work them for 5 days.

**Thank you Lesa for Jack Henry's furniture! He will love it! ..his Momma and Daddy love it too!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shower 4

Today was a really fun day with friends! Both of my neighbors were unable to come but they brought over goodies before I left. They are so sweet. One made a blanket for JH and then one got him a swing and bouncer. They are both so sweet! We truly have the best neighbors!
The shower this afternoon was great! There was great food and lots of fun with friends. Megan, Krysta and Carrie were wonderful hostesses and did a beautiful job on everything! JH got lots of fun stuff. I took pictures on my phone once we got home of some of the homemade stuff he got as well as some of the decorations. Dustin took the camera to work so I will have to post those from the shower later.
Other than a few odds and ends to finish up I would say JH is good to go..or at least he has a great start! I am amazed and humbled by all the love from friends and family. We have been given so much and are so thankful for everything and everyone!!
Here are a few pics..(remember there are more to come!)
Here are the cute invites. I did try and blur/erase addresses and last names :)

This is the sweet blanket that my neighbor Stacey made. She said it was the 1st thing she has ever made! I think she did a great job!! She said she will put his name on there once he gets here..along with his birthday.

Amber("my sewing girl" as I call her) made him the cutest hooded towels. They are for when he is a little older but that are so stinkin cute! This one is for when I bathe him.
This one is for when Daddy bathes him!

Back-I loved the front but when I saw the back I had a fit! I thought it was the cutest thing! Dustin loved it too!

Out of all my showers this is my 1st diaper cake! Carrie made it! It is so cute and I just adore the soft musical giraffe on top. She did such a great job! She said this was her 1st time to make one.

There were 2 with a "J" and one an "H". I thought the flowers were gorgeous! It was so sweet of them to let me bring them home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random updates

Just thought I would update with a few random things..
Crib-JH's crib construction was put on hold because they forgot to include the hardware. We are still waiting on the hardware to be delivered so hopefully we can put it together soon.

Bedding-I have ordered some bedding. We will see what it is like when it gets here on Mon. I pray I love it. As you have read many times his room has been really hard for me. I ordered a cute yet simple set with lots of color. I guess we will be repainting the room and then I can pull in more color in decorations. I am still so up in the air but I knew I had to do something..and quick! I will continue to keep y'all posted! I hope it all comes together fast and easy.

JH- His room is pretty much cleaned out as well as his closet. I have everything hanging and in drawers. I have washed all of his newborn/0-3 clothes and his blankets. I started a drawer of things to pack for he and I. No, ours bags have yet to be packed but at least I am making a little effort now. Lesa says I am in denial and that I am not acting like "me". She says I am scaring her. I admit that I am oddly calm right now. We will see if it lasts. I don't have a ton of things left to get for him. I will do a baby run soon and finish up everything he needs. We have been so very blessed and received so many cute and useful things. We only have a few must have items left to get so that is wonderful.

Shower 4- It's shower time again! This weekend is my 4th and final shower. I am really looking forward to visiting with everyone. From what I hear there will be maybe 10-12 people. Perfect number in my book! Most of the guests will be from Junior League but there are a few others that will be there. Megan, Carrie and Krysta are hosting. I know that it will be great with lots of food and fun! Of course I will post pics afterward.

Shower 3- Pics are done! Claire emailed me the photo sheets and has put the CD in the mail so as soon as it arrives I will post. The pics are really good. I look HUGE in them but she did a great job and everything looked beautiful! I can't wait to post them.

Dustin is back to work tonight. He is glad he is working night again. He is so much happier. We had a nice 2 days off. We did a few things around that house...not as much as we wanted but we did get a few things done.

I will close with our weather. It's funny when Dustin yells how hot it is but it has really been warm for us this time of year. Today was 28-30 and truly that is a winter heat wave when you have been used to -30. No jacket required for these temps this week. You truly burn up if you have a lot on. It is amazing how your body adjusts to the weather.

Monday, January 11, 2010

32 weeks

I had my 32 week checkup today and all is well. It was short and sweet. She said Jack Henry sounded great and just answered any questions I had. Thankfully, I am not dilated. We were worried that with all of my contractions..yes I am still having them all the time..that they might be making me dilate. I start going every 2 weeks now.

When I got home the dogs always bark and carry on in the garage when they hear my car pull up. I came in the house and of course they were still barking but one bark seemed really close. I opened the door and in came Beau. I was horrified because I knew that if he escaped from his kennel that there is only one thing he could have done..yep, he got into the food container. He had knocked it over and snacked on quite a bit of it. He was huge! This is not his first rodeo with getting into food. I immediately called Dustin and we decided that since he was moving around that we would hold off taking him in for now. (last time he spent quite some time in with the vet since labs are at risk for their stomachs twisting which can kill Marley and me) Dustin was getting off at 12 today anyway so he came straight home. He has been crying and is miserable but I think he is going to be okay. He has been sick all day but hopefully that is the worst of it and he will be back to normal soon. He will just have to skip a few meals for a while.
As always...there is never a dull moment at the Harris'. I can't imagine how it will be once JH gets here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


If you have been following my blog then you may remember me telling y'all about how Beau brings me my vitamins and tums everyday. He has yet to miss a day and this has now been going on for months. I try to keep him from it but somehow he manages to it it at some point during the day. It amazes Dustin and I. Recently he has become even more clingy to me and will not leave my side..ever! He feels like he has to see me at all times. He is worse than he ever was before but it is very sweet. He likes to lay his head or paw on my belly when he can. He is very gentle. The other 2 are not any different than before but Beau seems to know. Dustin just can't get over the way he acts now.
This picture was taken on Thursday. I was on the phone and looked down and this is what I saw looking up at me. He just sits patiently and waits for someone to get the meds out of his mouth. Somehow in his pill retrieving he managed to pick up some money that I had on my nightstand. I laughed so hard at him. I truly could not have had him do that if I tried. He is just so funny! Never a dull moment around here!

Week 31

Sorry for the late post. It has been a somewhat busy week. Dustin switched to days for a while so things have been a little crazy getting used to that. Jack Henry's due date is fast approaching and I feel like I am so far behind. My house is driving me nuts and his room..well you know how that is going. As far as how I feel...I can tell you that I have felt better. I have been sick to my stomach a lot and I seem to be getting dizzy and have frequent headaches. I hear that you start feeling like you did in the beginning and that has proved true for me. I have my days but luckily I normally don't feel terrible all of the time.

Yesterday and Thursday I was able to get out and go to a few fabric stores. Amber went with me to a few and we found some really cute fabric for burps and bibs for JH. I went to Amber's yesterday and placed my 1st of many orders for JH! I can't wait to see everything. I will be sure to post what all she does for him! Mainly I ordered burps but I did get a few bibs, onesies, and towels. She is even going to do a few pee pee tee pee's and an appliqued boppy cover for me.

Dustin and I went and picked up Jack Henry's furniture last night. This morning at 5 we were able to slide his drawers in his room so I have been filling that up today. As for the crib, we might put that together tonight after dinner. I guess it just depends on how we feel. We were told by the store and by friends that have the same crib that it is really easy to put together..we will have to see. I am sure there is bound to be a few choice words yelled as well as the instructions being slammed down and thrown a few times. I have come to the conclusion that that is just how Dustin works. HA! Pray for minimal outbursts.

For those of you who love to know about our weather is still cold as all get out! I am sure it will be like that until at least May. I think we have broken a few records in the last few days. It has remained in the negatives and the windchill is even colder. I am not sure when it will actually snow again but we always have snow on the ground..again, the white stuff normally sticks around until April or May. I just pray we are not threatened by another flood but they are already starting to talk about it.

Oh my goodness! I almost forgot! Thursday..well, for all of my Bama readers you know what Thursday was but for all you others that was the day of the BIG game! Thankfully the outcome was wonderful and Alabama is now the national champions..I am even more thankful to have a happy husband. Dustin turns into a crazy person on game day and especially during the game. Let's just say that Dustin and I have both agreed that he is not allowed to hold JH during games..he might be turned into a football. Yep, you guessed it, game day is a lot like putting together furniture or handy stuff in the is not pretty in the Harris household. Dustin had been anxiously awaiting the game for weeks so I wanted to make sure all he had to do was to relax and watch the game. I told him I would cook anything he wanted and pick up anything he needed since he was on days and would be getting home just in time for the game. His request was sloppy joes and rotel dip and then I picked up a few other favorites of his as well. He did request a few choice drinks too. I have to say that it was quite funny(and SUPER CLASSY) going into the beer stores being almost 8 months pregnant. To top it all off, I had to go to a few to find the brand he wanted. Had I been back home I don't think I would have gotten so many looks. LOL Oh yes, and for those that were wondering I was sporting an AL shirt.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mail call

I love getting things in the mail. I get so excited when the postman/lady-somedays pulls up and gets out to bring me my prizes. Today was a one of those days. Jack Henry got a sweet gift from his (great)Aunt Barbara and Uncle Daniel and cousins in DC. Aunt Barbara is so very talented in sewing and knitting and other crafty things. She worked so hard and hand knitted our little guy some really beautiful things! Plus she said she a a few more things she is working on for him. Again, as I have said before..he is so very spoiled!
I knew when openeing the box that there would be some handmade things in there but I never knew they would be this special or beautiful! I ooo'd and aaaa'd the whole time I was unpacking the box. I can't wait to get him in this stuff! I love the booties! They are so small and oh so sweet! I just can't express how much this means to Dustin and me. He could not believe that it was all handmade!
Here are a few pics of Jack Henry's special gift...
Here is everything that came today! Blanket, 2 hats, 2 pairs of booties, washcloth and sweater.

Closeup of the sweet little hat and booties. I just love the gingham ribbon. Not sure you can see but there is an anchor in the hat.

Here is the blue set. Look at the cute bear buttons on the sweater. The hat also has the anchor on the front..and of course the sweet little baby booties!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


This was my shower at my Dad's house. My stepmom, Stepsister and niece were the hostesses. It was a wonderful day with family and friends. They did such a beautiful job with the food and decorations. It was very me! Jack Henry got lots of cute stuff! There are a few more pics that I'd like to share from it but these were the only ones I had on my phone. I will have to see if I can get the others from Lesa and then post later. I am just trying to get caught up on things.

Here is the super cute invitation!

The spread. The food was all so good! I really enjoyed the cute cream cheese mints.

Jack Henry's monogram. Are you seeing a pattern from the showers? LOL They all know how I love monograms.

Top of the CUTE cake! It was very yummy! I had lots of cake that weekend!

Shower Cake teaser..

The photographer from my Shower on the 6th said she should have my pics to me hopefully this week. This morning I was playing on the internet and found the pic of my shower cake on the bakers website. Her name is Debra Winter and she is wonderful! I know many people that have used her. She is very affordable and her cakes taste amazing! She also did the cake that we had for Aunt Jerrie's and Orval's 50th Anniversary back in May. I guess that is how Lesa and KC found out about her when searching for a cake. If you need a cake..large or small you should check her out!
I should add that all four layers were different flavors..bavarian cream, double chocolate, white cake with real raspberry filling and then strawberry! Yes, I did try each layer and they were ALL so good!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! Dustin went back to work last night. I hated it because I have become used to having him here with me all of the time. This week is my 30th week so now I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is coming into sight. I am still having contractions but *knock on wood* they are not as bad as they were and are pretty normal. I just have to make sure I am getting plenty of water and staying off my feet when I can. I can tell things are changing because I have been more tired lately and I am frequently uncomfortable.

We still have so much to do before JH gets here! I really don't even know where to start! Hopefully Dustin can put up some closet organization in his room and I can at least get things put up. We still have to get his furniture delivered but I am sure that will happen in a few weeks. My biggest problem is the bedding. Still no bedding. That has truly been the hardest thing for me!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It's sunny and -25 out here! Gotta love living in Fargo!