Thursday, February 25, 2010

A sneak peak..

Here is a sneak peak of Jack Henry's room. There are still many things to be done but you can get an idea. We just got the mobile from Amber tonight. We have to cut the ribbon and make a few adjustments but you can see where we are going with everything. There are a few things on the side where the chair is..that is the stuff for the hospital so just ignore all of that. I still have to figure out and finish the shelves and get his window treatments made (Amber) but we have really come a long way in a short time. I love that it is fun and colorful yet simple. I think he will be able to have fun and grow with it. I like that it is not so "baby".
Please let me know if you have any suggestions..My brain is all out! I included a pic of his boppy too.
The pics are a little out of order so please excuse that. Note the animals in the mobile (Zebra, whale, elephant, choc lab, alligator and the bird perched atop the whole thing) Amber did such a great job as always! We are very pleased!! I hope the pics do it justice.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Book

We bought a baby book for Jack Henry and I had Amber cover it in silk with a bow and his monogram. I just love how it turned out!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank heaven for Godmothers!

Both of JH's Godmother's have seriously spoiled both of us throughout this pregnancy! They are calling lots and checking on us both! I cannot wait till KC comes soon to visit! It is so nice to know they are so anxious for him to get here too! They are both like sisters to me and I do not know what I would do without them! He is so lucky and is already super spoiled!!! I am so blessed to have them!! They really calm me and make me feel so much better.

Here is a pic from my shower they hosted in Alabama back in December. Love them both!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Many have been asking so here are a few Dustin took last week after a fundraiser luncheon I went to.
I was 37 weeks and 2 days..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh to be JH's Nurse..

We finally got the nurses baskets done. They are awaiting the trip to the hospital. I have always been told that when you have a baby especially it is nice to bring your nurses something. Lesa being the great nurse that she is suggested some things to do for them. We had a lot of fun making the baskets. There are for day shift and one for night shift. I know that it is their job to give us quality care but who doesn't like a treat every now and then and to feel appreciated. Plus, we had to show them a little of our southern hospitality.

Custom M&M's we had made

The label and M&M bags

One of the finished baskets. We put in oatmeal, crystal light, crackers, cookies, fruit snacks, trail mix, granola, popcorn and of course the M&M's!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Southern Nursery Art!!

JH is still cookin'. This week is week 37. Per the books he is fully baked and can safely come at anytime. We will see when he decides he is ready to come out and see the snow. I have told him him that it is much, much warmer where he is than it is where I am but we are ready to love him and keep him warm whenever he is ready.
Today I got a call from Carol, the artist that is doing my nursery art. If you follow my blog then you probably remember me mentioning that I was super excited about the art I ordered. Well it is southern to say the least. I wanted to do something southern for his room since we are so far from home and he must know about his roots. I was inspired by a pillow of Alabama that was given to us by Wendi(Dut's sister). It is a really fun hand stitched pillow with the state outline and has all sorts of fun things from around the state. I took that and ran with it but told her I wanted everything on there to have a meaning to us. I also mentioned that I wanted maybe a tree or something with roots since we are both from Al. I am in Awe of what she did for us!!
I will explain a few things in the picture..Some are easy to see and some you have to look for-
JSU-my Alma Mater
Alabama football-need I say more?
Aldeer Computer- hunting forum Dustin is on(that is our extended family!)
Deer hunting
Hot and hot-resturaunt in Bham(our 1st date)
Mobile-where I was born
Dauphin Island-I spent every summer there until I was 12
peanuts-we LOVE boiled peanuts
sweet tea-need I say more
Yellow Hammer-state bird..but if you look close you will see the Rammer Jammer..
Midwest born, Southern Bred..well you know who that is for
look close and you will see sweet home..sweet home faintly in the back ground going all the way down

All of the lines through the state are the actual roads..she did such a great job! We are so excited to get it up!

Close ups..

She does custom pieces and is doing a few other things for us for over his bad. Hopefully she will have it done by this weekend. If you are interested in anything please let me know..Paper Treats now carries her art! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

36 weeks

I had my 36 week appt. today. For those of you that have asked..I am not dilated but she said that the 1st thing she felt was his head so he is ready.
His room is slowly coming along. The paint is finished and the chair is in. Now I just have to get all the art done and up and order a rug and a few other touches here and there.
I bought his baby book and am having Amber do the cover for it. I am also super excited to get his mobile from her! I can't wait to see it.
So, I finally gave in and had a maternity photo session done yesterday. She came to the house as well as going to a few snowy locations. She gave me a few as a teaser until she is done with them so I will leave you with them..
I got the idea for this one from a fun blog that I follow.

It was so cold out!! She had lots of fun furs that I got to wear in the snow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

35 weeks

Well, I am now on week 35! I cannot believe it! It feels like everything has just flown by. I am feeling okay for the most part. Just trying to get things ordered and done before he comes. We had the 1st coat put on the nursery on Saturday and then they will come back this weekend and do the 2nd coat. It was a little too light blue for me so they added more gray to the 2nd gallon so hopefully on Sat. the color will be perfect. Things are slowly coming together. Amber is busy making last minute nursery items. I have the last few things on order that will hopefully get here soon. The nurses baskets for the hospital are almost done(yes we are bringing goodie baskets to our night and day shift nurses) Dustin has installed on carseat base and has one to go. I have done a little cleaning and organizing in the house...need to do a lot more! The nursery art is being worked on..I am super excited about this! I am not going to tell you really anything about it yet..I am waiting on the big reveal but I will say that it is very us! There is a local lady and she is doing a few prints for us on Canvas and I cannot wait to see the finished products and show y'all! I will give a few hints..of course one has his name and then there is one that is very "us" and southern and I will just leave it at that. Hopefully I will have at least one in about a week! I just cannot wait to show it. His nursery is slowly coming together. Like I have said before, it is so different from what I had planned before but I am really liking the direction it is headed in. I just hope the finished product is great! As for me..I am just waiting in a bag that my Mother is sending so I can finish having my bags packed and then I have to pack his new and super fabulous diaper bag and we will be ready to go to the hospital when the time comes.
Dustin is off for 2 days so who knows what we will do. Maybe we will be productive or maybe we will just lay around. I really could care less! I just love when he is off.
The weather here is snowy and cold but not that cold. I think we are above zero this week.