Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well this is week 17. Nothing to report on the bump front but I am sure it is coming soon. Oddly, I hope it waits a little while longer. I know most are excited to get a baby belly but I am okay with it holding off for a while. I can tell my body is changing(my ribs are widening LOL) daily but I can still button my pants..it just bugs me sometimes when I sit and it cuts into me. I am wear the belly bands some and that helps. I continue to feel well other than being tired from not sleeping. I guess my body is trying to get me conditioned well before March. I am sure sleep deprivation is in my near future.
Fall is officially here. We had a beautiful warm Saturday and come Sunday..Fall was here & it is not going anywhere. We had a drastic overnight change! It is getting down to the 30's at night. The days are nice in the 50's-60's but when the ND wind kicks in it is very chilly! I had to turn the heat on yesterday to knock the chill out..it was downright cold in here.
Dustin is doing well. Same stuff different day. He refers to his days over there to Ground Hogs day. I am sure most of you have seen the movie. He finally got his box yesterday of goodies and things he requested recently. I put the latest sonogram pics in there with sticky notes on each detailing what he was looking at. He sent me a pic and he had the strip of 10 pics..stickies and all taped on the wall above his desk. It is almost longer than his desk. I couldn't help but laugh at his decorating but what can I say?..he is a proud Papa. LOL I am sure his co-workers got a laugh too.
This week is proving to be yet another busy week with work outs..errands..meetings and appointments. Always something going on. I am thankful that I am able to stay busy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

16 wks

I went to the DR. this morning for my 16wk checkup. She said everything was fine. We heard the heartbeat and it was a quick appt. She always laughs at me and how I am taking this pregnancy. She said my questions are not normal and make her laugh. She says I am far form the norm of what she sees. She just sees that it's me and comes in laughing. Maybe I should mention that the only baby book I read(which is before I was pregnant and really is not a baby book) was Tory Spellings Mommywood and I read that one b/c I loved her 1st. She thinks this is hysterical and is glad I am so easy going. When I mentioned I didn't want a birth plan and she could not make me do one I thought she was going to kiss me. She said that was the smartest thing she had heard in a while. My feelings on that is that you can "plan" all you want but it almost never goes that way. My philosophy through this whole thing is we will just wing it. I am trying to stay calm..which is hard to do when you have dogs in heat but surprisingly my blood pressure was normal this morning. My next appt. is in 4 wks and I will get my gender sonogram on the 22nd of October. Unlike most I am thinking blue but we will see. I truly don't know if the world..and me..can deal with a mini me.
In closing..I will leave y'all with answers to some FAQ..
Are you showing? No, I have a gut at night like most do when they have eaten all day but luckily it is gone by morning. My Dr. even commented about me not showing yet. I hope I have at least a month before my belly "pops".

Are you craving anything? Not really. I may want something specific but I don't have such an attack for it that I must have it ASAP. Normally when I eat it I am done really fast and don't want anymore. So no..no constant cravings. I did have them before I found out..I ate at least 1 xl watermelon a day and blackbeans.

How are you feeling? I feel fine for the most part. I have been blessed and did not get sick at all but I did have mild nausea in the beginning. I don't sleep the greatest but I am making it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a week!

What a busy week! It seems like I have been go, go, go this week. Monday I somewhat cleaned out my closet and did a few things in the house and our room. The rest of the week I was gone..2 meetings, Junior league, various lunches and dinners, cooking at the Ronald McDonald house and then a gourmet dinner club...not to mention the other chores and errands I left out. Whew I am tired but it has been a good, fun week.
I have been tired because of not sleeping well at night but I am feeling well otherwise. I have a Dr. appt on Mon. so I will have a nice checkup then. Baby H got a wonderful gift this week! Baby H found out that its bedroom furniture(crib, matress and all) were purchased by GodMother Lesa. GodMother Kc also sent us a sweet gift of a car seat and 2 bases..Mom also got a few maternity clothes from her as well. Can you tell this baby is spoiled already? What wonderful GodMothers! I chose 2 GodMothers for this baby. They are my 2 best friends in the whole wide world. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful they are and how lucky this little one is to have them in it's life. They can't wait until March! We do have a GodFather for Baby H but I will not announce him yet..he doesn't even know.. Daddy has got to write him a letter and ask him first. I hope he will be able to do that soon.
Dustin seems to be doing well and feeling better. He is counting down the days until he comes home..as are we.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The good and the not so good

Well life here in Fargo remains busy! This has been another good and hectic week. The weather is starting to cool and Fall is in the air. This is my FAVORITE time of year! Now if Dustin was just here to enjoy it with me it would be even more perfect. This fall is proving to be a very busy one and looks like it will only get busier. Busy is good though. It keeps me going and helps make the time go by until Dustin comes home.
I have continued to feel well..until Wed. I was walking to the kitchen and got a sharp pain and felt a pop. I went to the couch and discovered I had continued pain and my left side was very tender to the touch. Long story short..after visiting the Dr. on Thurs. she said that I either had a cyst or a problem with the placenta and ordered an ultrasound. I went this morning and (keep in mind this is from the tech..my Dr. has not called yet) I do in fact have a cyst and it is pressing on a nerve since everything is squished in there b/c of baby H. I was glad to have an explanation for my pain in walking and the other many pains I have had due to this cyst. The good part of the visit is that I got to see 30..count em 30 minutes of Baby H today. The techs that my Dr.'s office uses is the reason why I am with my Dr..aside the fact that she is very good. These techs have always been great with me(they truly do way more than they should). We checked out the baby from head to toe and from the looks of it everything looks great! Today it actually looks like a baby and not a blob. It was amazing the changes that had taken place. Baby H slept most of the time but we did get to see a bit of movement. I got over 10 pics from the tech and a few videos on my IPhone for Dad. I can't wait for him to see them tomorrow when he gets to work.
I am and will be fine. I have a pretty good tolerance for pain. I will wait and see what all my Dr. says next week but for now I feel good knowing it is a cyst and Baby H is doing well.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Here is a super quick video of the baby. You can see the arm moving and touching its head.

Friday, September 4, 2009

13.5 weeks

Life in Fargo is the same as always..busy. I'm not sure I could tell you what I have been busy doing but I can assure you I have been busy! Lots going on with Jr. League, friends and upcoming baby Harris. I am now 13.5 weeks along. I am feeling better. I have been lucky though. I only have been sick at my stomach. The nausea is subsiding and my appetite is coming back. Nope, no bump yet. You may can see a little gut at night but thats about it. Thankfully, I am still in my clothes..although sometimes they are uncomfortable if I sit too long. I am hoping (and praying) I don't "pop" until after 20 weeks at least.
I have been eating healthy..or trying to. I have to admit that my eating before was not too bad so I am really just eating what I was eating before. I just try and make sure I gets lots of lean protein in but I still indulge if I am wanting something. I just try to eat in moderation. I am still going to my trainer and exercising. I feel like a wimp and weak when I go but he says its all in my head. He has been great since I found out. He has done lots of research and he even tells me interesting things about what is going on and what to expect. I am mainly working my arms and legs..and lots of lower back stuff too! I have been having back pain already so he is really trying to strengthen my back. I am hoping to train up until I deliver. I want to be in shape so I can push this baby out fast!..and I also want to hopefully make shedding the extra pounds a little easier.

The question I get asked the most is "do you know what it is?" And the answer is no. My Dr. doesn't do a sonogram until 20-22 weeks BUT I may be able to find out in a few weeks. I have connections..and thats all I'm saying ;) We would probably not announce even if we do find out sooner..we will wait and get confirmation at my 20 wk ultrasound. I go back and forth as to what I think it is. Dustin says its a boy. All but 4 people say girl so we will see. Honestly, I thought I really wanted a boy but I just pray that this little one is healthy and happy! The whole thing still has not hit us yet! I guess you could say we are still in denial.

Oh, as I was fixing dinner and UPS delivered a package. To my surprise it was a gift from Dustin. It was from Spoiled Mama! I got a nice basket of tea, tummy butter and belly gloss. I will let you know what I think of everything but I am sure I will LOVE it all! It all smells so good and I am excited to use it. It was a great start to my weekend! Even though Dustin is not here to personally spoil us he still surprises me and still spoils me from half way around the world! We are soo lucky!!

Have a great Labor Day weekend and I hope the 1st SEC Football Saturday of the season is a good one for all!