Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Half Way There.....

YAY!! It's Wednesday(or past midnight/early Thurs. am) and we are a week away from a much needed break!! We plan on taking his 6 days off to relax and just enjoy the house..and OF COURSE we will be cooking on the egg! YUM!

Even though Dustin has been working he has been cooking before he goes in. He likes to take food in and share with his fellow late nighters. Normally they bring side dishes and he brings some sort of meat dish. I also get to enjoy a little bit of his cooks before he leaves. I went to Sams and stocked up on meat so we should be covered until he is off.

I have been pretty busy with lots of errands and early morning workouts! It has been a quick week so far. I feel like I am lacking in sleep but I am still keeping busy. I must admit though...I am so doggone sore I truly can hardly walk!!! Oh, I know it will get better but OUCH!

Friday, June 19, 2009


So all is busy in Fargo. Dustin is working away. He still has a LONG way to go on his 15 day stint at work.
The weather has been rainy this week but today was absolutely wonderful. Warm with a nice cool breeze! It was just perfect!

Well finally I have uploaded pictures to my new computer..which I am really enjoying! These pictures are all from our trip to the South. Enjoy..
This was the view from our house on the beach! (THANKS KC!!!)

KC, My Best Friend in Bama and her 2 gorgeous girls..Kaylyn(my god daughter) and baby Peyton

All of the girls

Dustin and me

Some of Dustin's family came down to Destin while we were there so we met them for dinner a few nights..This is his cousins little girl, Abby

This is his cousin's son, Fisher

Another one of us

As we were leaving the beach for Bama at 6am we came across this shrimp boat so we stopped and bought 20+ pounds of shrimp to take home

The Shrimp Man

And last BUT certainly not least..The infamous car pics! I have NO clue how we got everything in there with room to spare! We had so much to haul back..everything from LOTS of food including shrimp, 8 gallons of Tea and Icecream..TONS of antique glass from family..Dustin's bike..AND way too much luggage..what can I say?..I am NOT the best packer! Like someone once told me.."you have to have options not obligations"..yes, that was from a guy and he was referring to clothes.
Back View

Side View 1

Side View 2

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, we made it back from our trip! We also made it back with way more than we left with but NO Uhaul!! YAY! We even had a little roof space to spare. Amazingly..our 25 pounds of shrimp, 8 gallons of Milos Tea and LOTS of bluebell ice cream made it too! We were so glad to be home and see our babies!!!! We had a wonderful trip but it was nice to get home. We had a full day home to recoup from the long drive before Dustin went back to work. I am still sorta out of it because I can't keep track of what day it is. I think that is partly due to Dustin being back home. We are trying to get back on our own "normal" schedule. Goodness knows our schedule is FAR from "normal" but it is normal to us. That being looks like our kind of normal will have to wait a while. Every time Dustin went into work it seems like his schedule changed. Right now, it looks like (due to being shorthanded) starting tomorrow he will be off for 3 days and then work nights(as usual) for 15/12 hour shifts. Yep, I am going to have a very happy boy on my hands. He will have a few days off to rest and then do another 15 day stretch..and then hopefully he will be back to his normal schedule.

Fargo was the same it as it was when we left it....COLD. We have finally had a few warmer days in the mid/high 60's to low/mid 70's but normally there is quite a breeze and very chilly nights. OH how we love Fargo weather! HA!

Paper Treats has been pretty steady which is great! I have lots of fun orders coming in and SUPER fun new stuff arriving at the end of the month!! I am so excited about everything coming in!!!

Besides work, schedule changes and trying to settle in..we are doing well and HAPPY to be home and together! It's great to be married but it's even better to be married and be in the same place!